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Oh My Nailss! A Journey of Passion, Creativity, and Innovation

When you step into Oh My Nailss!, you're not just entering a nail studio—you're immersing yourself in a space where creativity and passion converge. Founded by Rinkal Shah, an interior designer with over 15 years of experience, Oh My Nailss! represents a dream that blossomed from a profound love of art and design. Since its inception on January 22, 2024, this nail studio has made a significant impact in Pune, catering to over 400 clients with its unique nail services.

 From Interiors to Nails: A Passionate Journey

Rinkal Shah's journey began in the world of interior design, where she spent nine years honing her skills before launching her firm in 2015. Her success in the interior field paved the way for her to explore other avenues of creativity. With extra space in her studio and a passion for art, she decided to venture into the world of nails. This decision led to the birth of Oh My Nailss!, a studio where artistry and fashion meet.

"I am proud of myself for being a self-made woman. I always wanted my name to be on top! Seeking fame has led me to great things in life today," says Rinkal Shah.

What to Expect at Oh My Nailss!

At Oh My Nailss!, you'll find a wide range of nail services, each designed to bring out the best in you. From dry manicures and natural nail polish with art to extensions and bridal nails, the studio offers something for everyone. They even specialize in eyelash extensions, providing a complete beauty experience.

One of the studio's favorite products is nail press-ons, a convenient and time-saving fashion accessory that comes in a smaller pack. These press-ons are perfect for those who want stylish nails without the commitment of traditional extensions. Handmade in the studio, they are designed with intricate details and a touch of creativity that sets them apart.

Oh My Nailss! is located in Mukund Nagar, Pune 37, and prides itself on thorough staff training and exceptional customer service. The team is certified by the best institutes, ensuring a high standard of quality in every service they offer.

Meet Oh My Nailss! at the Ranyaa Creations Exhibition

If you're curious about Oh My Nailss! and their amazing collection of nail press-ons, make sure to visit the Ranyaa Creations exhibition. The studio will be showcasing its favorite products, including nail press-ons, nail extensions, and eyelash extensions. This is your chance to meet Rinkal Shah and explore the creative world of Oh My Nailss!.

"Come and check out our amazing collection. All are handmade in our studio. We also do nail extensions and eyelash extensions. Don't miss meeting me at this lovely exhibition with so many guests! Carry yourself tip-to-toe awesomely, because you live only once. Enjoy!" says Rinkal Shah.

Don't miss this opportunity to experience the artistry and innovation of Oh My Nailss! It's more than just a nail studio—it's a celebration of creativity, passion, and the joy of expressing yourself through fashion and beauty.


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