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My Journey to Becoming a Science Teacher: Kajal Pawar

Growing up as an Army kid, I had the opportunity to complete my education in different states alongside my father. I still vividly recall my days in Ambala when I used to sit on the cot in my gallery, checking my classwork with a red pen. It was my hobby during those days, and I loved doing it.

In the tenth grade, I had a science teacher who inspired me with her politeness, motivation, and beautiful smile. Today, I'm proud to call myself a science teacher, and I credit her for being my inspiration.

After completing my twelfth grade from Guwahati, I had a strong desire to pursue a career in the medical field. However, due to financial problems, I couldn't join a medical degree course. Instead, I opted for a Bachelor of Science degree. I was unsure about my career path, but I always aimed to do my best, no matter where I was.

After finishing my Bachelor's degree in Chemistry with 90%, my dad was posted in Pune. I regretted not pursuing my dream of becoming a doctor. I shared this with one of my retired professors, who told me something that changed my life. He said, "If you become a doctor, you will only treat one patient at a time. But if you become a teacher, you can create many doctors who can change society." These words had a great impact on me, and I finally gained a clear vision of my career.

I enrolled in MIT to pursue my B.Ed. and learn all the teaching skills required to become a teacher. Today, when I deliver a topic to my students, and I see confidence on their faces, I feel a sense of achievement. It gives justice to my profession, and when students remember me after many years, it's a feeling that cannot be put into words.

I have many more things to learn and many more such feelings to experience. My goal is to make my classroom an excellent place to explore, where I can proudly say, "The future of the world is in MY CLASSROOM.


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