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Mona PV More and Jagruti Channel: The Voice for Social Field

Hello! I am Mona. PV. More, a professional social worker, working in this field for more than 8 years. I was always passionate about the work I do, while working with various NGOs, there were so many things I got to learn. I saw life through a very different lens, which I never got to see before, and because of that, I feel so privileged to be part of the social field. While working with communities, where there was lack of education, skills, addiction rates were high, crime rates were high, marriage at an early age, health issues, daily survival was a challenge etc. While working and meeting other social workers, I always felt "What would have happened if these NGOs had never reached out"?

While putting in so much effort these NGOs face tremendous challenges like lack of resources, funding, manpower, lack of awareness about the social field because of that people are not willing to reach out and help, misunderstanding about the social field, training etc.

When I formed my organisation "Astitva Social Foundation One Vision", I the same challenges our team faced. At that time I thought of starting with my own YouTube channel JAGRUTI CHANNEL (LOVE FOR SOCIAL FIELD), where my team members Adv. Savita Bhalerao, Mr. Sagar Nikalje, Adv. Snehal Patil and Mr Vinit More supported me a lot, through this channel I got the opportunity to interview NGOs and social workers etc, who are contributing to social welfare. At that time I realised that most of the challenges are common.

The social field is a noble field, where social workers are putting in so much effort for the people, then why are they facing so many challenges? It is the responsibility of every citizen to reach out to the social worker and help them in whatever possible way. Development is not only limited to taking a degree and job, but to reach out to the sections where actual change and support are required, as individuals it is easy to reach out to an NGO, visit it at least once a month, see the work they do and help them in their endeavour.

The development will happen only when every aspect of society is developed. Through this article I would like to spread awareness, social workers are also humans who have family and responsibility, yet they put in all the effort for society. If you are willing to do something, come forward, spread awareness.

You can support them in various ways like being a Volunteer, donating in various ways (Funding, Books, Stationary, Unwanted things you have, clothes, unwanted furniture etc) making resources available, if you have the skill can share that, help them in upskilling their work through various training, spread the voice. To understand the need firstly you will have to reach out to them. It's not important how much you give but you must have the willingness to support.

You can contact me on the following.

Name- Mona. PV. More

Number:- 9975717829


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