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Featured By Stay Featured: Flavours Street

Well, where to start with this…. Okay, let's start from the beginning…

The journey of Flavour Street started with Alfred's arrival in Pune in 1997. The idea of serving delicious and authentic sandwiches came to Alfred at a very young age. But coming from a humble background and lacking financial support, he started his journey as a roadside hawker in Koregaon Park. Alfred was a confident young boy who was fortunate enough to learn his culinary skills from the best continental chefs of 5-star hotels in Goa, where he did miscellaneous jobs to make his living. He was sure if he used his much-appreciated culinary skills to work, people would love his sandwiches as there was a dearth of authentic sandwiches back then. (Read Alfred’s story in the next frame to know more about his journey).