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Meet "Man On the Moj App" with 450K followers- Harsh Malviya

Hello friends,

I am Harsh Malviya.

It's a pleasure to share about my journey as a content creator on social media

I always dreamed to do dance & acting. Since childhood, I have been in the acting world. My mother narrates that when I was in her womb and it was time for delivery when the song of the film" gadar" -mai nikala gaddi like, was playing. In childhood, I had been at least 2 years old when I worked in the film Hazaron khwahishen Aisi and Maqbool.

And as I grew up where I played drama roles, Street plays, acting, dance, singing in schools and I had this hobby in college also. Then, joined Facebook in 2015 but used to post photos only after this I created a YouTube account in 2017 and kept posting my dance and acting videos but I didn't get success. After that I started using Instagram and other apps from 2018 - 2019 but didn't get much success but I didn't give up nor was afraid of failure just kept trying.

After tik tok ban, I made my videos on many short video apps and gave each app 15 to 20 days but I was disappointed about everywhere. But in October joined the moj app and I put my videos on the moj app and also gave 15 to 20 days for this app like other apps. And I went viral on this app, people started liking my videos.

After that, I got a call from WhatsApp the first time which made me so happy, I feel that this time I will achieve success finally. I participated in many competitions of moj app and a lot of gifts were received including ring, light mic, light stand, t-shirts, speakers etc. For these gifts, I am grateful to the moj app.

I love to make videos continuously on the moj app. Today I have over 4,50,000 fans. wholehearted thanks to the moj app. It's a promise for my followers to keep posting my content on this app. No matter what

Thanks to Stay Featured who posted the journey of my social media life,

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