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Meet Anushri Sarang Bhagwat with Creamy Slice by Anu

I am Anushri Sarang Bhagwat, Proud to be Punekar for 30 years. Frankly speaking, I was an average child in school but always ahead in other activities like Dance, Drama, crafts and so on. I completed a, then MBA in HR Field. Worked in all aspects of HR for 6 years. I had to say bye-bye to my job post-delivery. Currently, I am a Professional Cake Designer and owner of My Baking material shop ( Creamy Slice by Anu) at Wakad, Pune.

Feeling after receiving this TZP Maa award-

This is my 1st Award!! Yes, after the continuous dedication of 5 years in the Baking field, I received my 1st ever recognition by Sejal Ray mam, founder of TZP group. I was on cloud 9 when I saw her message about my selection for the mompreneur award. I would be thankful n grateful to her for this wonderful opportunity and recognition for my work. The biggest supporters n contributors to this award are my Husband n my 5-year-old daughter Kashvi. My daughter made me MOM and then. MOMPRENEUR.

An incident that shaped my life-

So my story started in Nasik City, the city of Temples. I would again be thankful to Nasik who blessed me with my baby n my business. I had to quit my job due to pregnancy and it was very difficult for me to digest initially. I was dependent, and confident while working. I started feeling low since I was home doing nothing. 1 evening while scrolling Facebook, I found that there is a huge requirement for Home Bakers and for their customized cakes. Immediately I did a government certification in Baking and started my new journey. My baby was just 4 months that time. Fortunately, we shifted to Pune again n believe me, punekars praised my cakes very much n then I didn't look behind. I used to on 4-5 customized cakes per day, I decided to take care of my both babies from home only. I was a home baker for 3 years. I did almost 5k cakes and I got many friends in this journey and have 2k+ customers all over pcmc. Covid 19 was another turning point for my business.

Everyone started Baking cakes, and cupcake shops in Lockdown and there was a huge requirement for cakes and Baking material too. Taday, having my shop was the primary dream I was living with. And we opened our shop in mid of lockdown 2020. My husband, parents, and in-laws helped me financially with this set-up. It was not possible without their support. I got busier in Cakes n shop simultaneously. Every business has to go through ups n downs. Looking at my daughter n working was like walking on a rope.

To date, I have not cancelled any cake order for any reason let it be anything like my daughter had a fever and she came with me for Cake delivery in heavy rains..she walked with me in every single step. I used to lock her and go to buy Baking essentials while I was not a shopkeeper. I kept her hungry sometimes while working on cakes. But she understood me very well. Post lockdown, the market was down, and we didn't have money to pay shop rent, consequently 3 months without uttering any word, my husband paid rent n maintenance. He took interest in Baking and silently observed n learnt all Baking things from me. He is an IT Guy but today also he works at a shop on weekends with me. Thank you for everything, dear husband and daughter.

We invented a Cake delivery service for Home Bakers in Lockdown itself. Being a home baker, I understood all pros n cons of it. Initially, my husband used to deliver Cakes n later on we hired 1 delivery person to help him. Currently, I can proudly say, I have 2 ladies' staff and 2 delivery partners under me. Everything happens for good cause!!

Message for readers.

I would suggest to all readers especially Homemakers, just ask yourself who you are n what are you doing? Are you happy with it?

Please become independent. Your kids and society are watching you. You will gain more respect at home n in society if you are working while looking at home duties n responsibilities.

Be the reason for someone's smile every day.

Start at least with a small business, it will grow someday. Work like a Lady Boss and makes your own identity.

Find what's your hobby or interests n then start your business accordingly.

I have decided on my plan for the next 5 years down the line..have you?

Thanks a ton, readers for your time

A bit about Creamy Slice:

Creamy Slice is FSSAI, MSTB, Certified Home Bakery.

We happily provide Homemade delicious Fresh Cream cakes, Plum Cakes, and Customize Cakes.

Our aim is to delight our customers by providing on-time service at a reasonable rate.

We also provide home delivery service for other Home Bakers in the PCMC area.

Creamy Slice also conducts Basic to Advance Cake workshops.

Please contact us on 9604180005 or 8446616049.


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