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Mayaa SH's Visionary Approach: Empowering Women for Lasting Impact

Any government must focus on four main areas: promoting women's leadership and political participation, empowering women economically, ending violence against women, and supporting women's full and equal participation in peace processes and security efforts. Women should get more support from the family, so that they can reach the highest position in their career without any hindrance. It is only by empowerment of women, families will become strong and only strong families will create a strong society and a strong nation. The purpose for empowering women is to Promote social welfare. Helping women from all backgrounds does overcome the individual challenges they are facing. Advocacy for social and economic justice for all women of diverse communities is imperative in order to institutionalising to empower women holistically.

This will lead to embodying the social work code of ethics.Through holistic and targeted initiatives, the government has to address important sectors such as education, healthcare, political representation, economic instability and gender equality for championing equal rights of women all across the globe. The obvious needs no proof that such initiatives are quintessential for any economy.aiming for women and men to work together as equal partners. Honoring both women and girls, together with men and boys, as agents of change for the benefit of all humanity lays the foundation of a healthy society. Working towards the elimination of violence and discrimination against women and girls is of utmost importance. Women empowerment is to enable them to achieve their real rights in the society. It has such power that it can change a lot in the society and country. She can deal with any problem in the society better or equal like men. Women's education leads to women's empowerment. This low literacy rate has a huge impact on women's lives, as well as their families lives and the country's economic progress. Investments in women’s health and education boost economic development.

Investment in women’s education and health, and attention to their employment opportunities and empowerment, pays big dividends in terms of economic development. It develops the quality of their lives and leads to social benefits to individuals and society. Female education raises the growth and creativity and encourages entrepreneurship and technical advances. It also plays an important role in economic and social development and improving income allocation. The preamble of the Indian Constitution speaks about gender equality as a fundamental right of women and a fundamental duty of the state. The state had been empowered to take measures to achieve positive results in this regard. The reality however is that even after seventy-five years of independence, women have to struggle hard to fight for their rights in every sector. Women’s empowerment is a continuous process and does not have an end point or an outcome that can be measured. Patriarchy needs a revisit with reference to the dominance of males, be it in a small household or society. It encourages the feeling of being in power, which results in domestic violence in families and rape and eve-teasing in society. Feminism is not a war between men and women. It is about looking at the archaic doctrines related to the notional patriachy. It is about equal rights of both men and women. A society in which men have authority over women in all aspects; from politics to morals to economics and even the actions of women can never be progressive in the mindset first. For centuries, the patriarchal system has determined what is right from wrong, what can be done and said, and where women go and how they act.Any form of violence must also end .The COVID-19 pandemic, conflicts and climate change have exacerbated the risks for this violence and generated new threats, amplifying the vulnerability of women and girls. Violence prevents women from experiencing or accessing the benefits of development by restricting their ability to act or move freely. Violence against women is an obstruction to poverty alleviation programs as it impedes equitable distribution of resources.

Inspite of consistent efforts and significant strides made in recent years, gender inequality persists as a pervasive issue in many regions worldwide. Women still encounter discrimination in the workplace, unequal pay, and restricted access to education and healthcare. The feminist movement serves a crucial purpose in addressing these concerns and establishing a more equitable society.Feminism continues to be a crucial aspect of our lives owing to centuries of entrenched patriarchy and misogyny. This is important to put an end to sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression and to achieve full gender equality in law and in practice. Thereby, it is necessary to work towards prioritizing the political, economic, and cultural equality of women across every society.

About the Author

Mayaa SH is an Indian authoress who gained nationwide recognition for her poem, "The Candle In The Wind" (2021). She is also an active writer of absolute realistic issues, podcaster and an avid activist for championing rights of women at all levels. She has won numerous awards not only for her assertive writings and shattering the glass ceiling but also at recognition at the International,National and State Level.Born in Kolkata, West Bengal Mayaa is one of the most nerve wrenching representative of the contemporary generation of Indian writers who write in both English and Hindi. Mayaa's one of the books "Swayam" - was greeted by unprecedented positive attention from critics, pundits and the media alike for highlighting the power of exponential growth mindset. Though the book is a work of realistic literature, Mayaa took inspiration from her deep observation of human psychology when crafting the ideology behind inking deep thoughts in the self help book. Mayaa SH has always asserted and indicated a double exploitation of women in Indian society, where they are marginalized racially and also on the basis of gender. She has always laid narratives on advocating for the intellectual power of women. She says if we give women a life full of freedom, she can provide us with the most altruistic masterwork if her intellect. Most of Mayaa's writings and work is essentially directed towards highlighting that it is a myth that women cannot stand for their convictions in life inspite of any odds. Most of her writings are carefully placed to lay thought provoking assertions on how the best perspectives to success can be introspected through the eyes of a woman alongwith the sensibility of being politically correct.

This,most of Mayaa's work brings out before the readers the requirement of the state of fair sexes in a specific social milieu and gender equality. Mayaa has undertaken to change the radical mindset of many even in the 21st century on the development of women's liberation which in India has prompted the scrutinizing of the conspicuous old man centric control or the patriarchal norms to be upheld always. The women of today won't be mannequins in the hands of men.

Thus; the picture of women has experienced a radical change. As an Indian female essayist many including Mayaa have made a progress to write extensively on from the conventional depictions of suffering benevolent women to delineation of their inward life and unobtrusive relational relationships. The clashing enthusiasm of man and woman in the general public because of self-affirming women, who are immersed in intense look for their personality, is the lobby characteristic of present day depiction of female characters. Mayaa SH has her own supposition on society and has effectively made an imprint for herself in the scholarly field by her self help books aimed to instill the power of self belief in minds of many readers. Her work has endeavoured to uncover her women's activist position and the superachiever in her speaks to woman reasonableness and their zeal to succeed in life.


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