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Ridhhaan Jaiin: A Young Beacon in Literature, Philanthropy, and Inspiration


Ridhhaan Jaiin is more than just a child prodigy; he's a symbol of youthful innovation in India's literary and philanthropic circles. As the founder of RidhzWorld Publishing, he has achieved remarkable feats as an author, audiobook narrator, motivational speaker, and YouTube podcaster—all before reaching his teenage years. His philanthropic efforts focus on supporting children and the visually impaired, underscoring his commitment to making a positive impact.

A Literary Prodigy

Ridhhaan's journey into the literary world began with the encouragement of his parents, who noticed his exceptional creativity. At the age of 8, he published his first book, "Once Upon in My Mind,"establishing himself as one of India's youngest authors and inspiring young readers across the country.

Expanding His Work

In 2022, Ridhhaan expanded his literary repertoire with three more books:

- "The Mirror and The Greedy Man" explores the consequences of greed and the power of generosity.

- "The Despicable Virus" allegorizes the pandemic, offering a message of resilience and hope.

- "Penny and the Monsters"flips the concept of fear on its head, promoting bravery and kindness.

Ridhhaan personally narrated the audiobook versions of his books, earning him recognition as the youngest audiobook narrator in both the India Book of Records and the Asia Book of Records.

A Motivational Speaker and Philanthropist

Ridhhaan's talent for speaking has taken him to various venues, where he has inspired over 5,000 children and 1,500 adults with his motivational talks. His recognition as the youngest motivational speaker in the India Book of Records and the Asia Book of Records highlights his ability to connect with audiences.

Ridhhaan's philanthropic initiatives include a story-writing competition for children in 2022, resulting in an anthology titled "Once Upon In Our Minds." This project celebrated young writers and provided them with a platform to share their creativity.

Additionally, Ridhhaan donates a significant portion of his audiobook earnings to support blind students and the BVJSS Foundation, an orphanage in Pune. As the Brand Ambassador for the foundation, he actively engages with the children, encouraging them to express themselves in English and build confidence.

Media Ventures and Achievements

Ridhhaan ventured into digital media with his 2023 YouTube podcast, "B’coz I can with Ridhhaan," where he interviews young prodigies and established personalities. His participation in events like the Pune International Literature Festival (PILF) and the New Delhi World Book Fair demonstrates his growing influence in the literary world.

In 2024, Ridhhaan's appearance at the New Delhi World Book Fair alongside renowned authors Deepa Agarwal and Stuti Gupta showcased his wisdom and maturity. His insights into children's literature captivated the audience, reinforcing his role as a young thought leader.


Ridhhaan Jaiin's achievements in literature, public speaking, and philanthropy reflect his dedication to making a difference in the world. His journey serves as an inspiration for young people and a reminder that age is no barrier to making a meaningful impact.


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