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Mayaa SH | Four National Wins Yet Again

On the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanti 2024, we caught up with some leading writers of the nation to discuss some of Dr. BR Ambedkar's most significant teachings and how they continue to shape Indian society today. Here are some powerful insights from trailblazing authoresses like Mayaa SH on her back to back four National Award Wins on Ambedkar Jayanti 2024.

One of the most popular literary figures in India in the current times, Mayaa SH says, “Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar is rightly considered the father of Indian democracy. Dr. Ambedkar strongly believed in individual freedom and criticized the caste society. He saw democracy as a way to bring about a peaceful revolution, thus opening up the possibility of non violent means of social, political and economic change. Dr. Ambedkar strategized democracy in India as it is also important to bring about social change. Dr Ambedkar believed that the reservation policy is a democratic means of creating an equal society through the participation of all sections of citizens. The ideology that defined his thought process was about complete reorganization and reconstruction of the society on the principle of equality. He championed the essence of liberty, equality and fraternity for all human beings.”

Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, popularly known as Dr. BR Ambedkar, was an Indian jurist, social reformer, and political leader who played a significant role in the struggle for India’s independence and the drafting of its constitution. As a champion of the rights of the marginalized and oppressed sections of Indian society, Dr. Ambedkar’s teachings were grounded in the principles of equality, social justice, democracy, and education. His life’s work was dedicated to the eradication of the caste system, discrimination against women, and the promotion of equal opportunities for all.

The Dr. Ambedkar National Award is for the Social Understanding and highlighting on the Upliftment of Weaker Sections in honour of Dr B. R. Ambedkar, the country's first law minister, father of the Indian Constitution and champion of human rights.The elite awards, year after year, identify and honour professionals who have envisioned and created marvels to create a mark and strive to recognise and encourage outstanding people for their perfection and contribution towards society and nation, which inspires others to follow.

Mayaa SH won Dr. BR Ambedkar National Award in recognition of outstanding and excellent contribution towards propagating of Dr BR Ambedkar philosophy and principles in society, Shri BR Ambedkar Smriti Samman 2024, PIU Trust's Dr BR Ambedkar Award, Symbol Of Knowledge Bharat Ratna Bodhisattva Dr BR Ambedkar Jayanti's Guru Ghasidas Lifetime Sahitya Samajik Shiromani Ratna Award 2024 in various award ceremonies across the country on April 14th 2024. In one of the award ceremonies in Bilaspur, the founder reiterated the main objective of the organization is also an effort to provide opportunities to the people of the society. He said that the Constitution of our country is the supreme holy book which should be studied by the students. On this occasion, Constitution maker Dr. B.R. Comrade National and Industrial Art Culture book was also released.Mayaa SH also wrote on the topic of "Dr BR Ambedkar: Ek Soch" that spoke on Dr. B.R. Ambedkar: A Thought

"Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar is considered the father of Indian democracy. Dr. Ambedkar strongly believed in individual freedom and criticized the caste society. He saw democracy as a way to bring about peaceful revolution, opening up the possibility of nonviolent means of social, political, and economic change."

Recipients of the award include individuals from various fields such as social work, education, politics, law, and literature. The award is considered a prestigious recognition in India, and it is given to those who have worked tirelessly to promote Dr. Ambedkar’s ideals of social equality and justice.

Mayaa SH has dedicated these back to back national Wins on Ambedkar Jayanti to the Blessings she receives on a daily basis from numerous women across the nation.

About The Author:

Mayaa SH is a women's rights, social and legal activist with about vast experience in a wide range of giving sound counselling and advise with reference to suicide prevention, mental health and matrimonial law. She has developed a focus on educating many women on matters related to filings in practise area of matrimonial and how to save lives, and Mayaa SH also attends to issues pertaining to any issue that is related to mental health of women and is also a leading expert in helping many people across the country to navigate stress. She also has won numerous awards both at national and international level for helping women free of cost with her association with various NGOs that are working for liberties and human rights issues. She has also been active in writing and has been involved in about hundred and fifty plus Hindi and English co-authored books along with her record breaking solo eleven self help books. She has recorded several podcasts on topics like Why is Feminism Important etc to the first of its kind to project feminism in India in positive light which focuses on women’s rights and equality of all genders unequivocally. Her contemporary prose has led to many across the country to believe in the power of second innings to life and rediscover and rejuvenate their positive mindset to a growth mindset .Mayaa is also a regular in writing for Hindi newspapers on topics which provide legal assistance in Divorce cases ,law and women related issues and mental health. She is also the author of ‘Sangharsh'. Her self help book “Swayam" has been an interstellar world record book in which, she has highlighted the power of self belief in life and growth mindset of entrepreneurship in India.

Mayaa SH has also examined the complexities of marital relations and disruptions in India and she provides an insightful view of the practice of family law through a gendered lens and especially what not to file in order to save relationships as sensitive like marriage. She has also handled saving many lives only by deploying talk as a medium of rekindling the power in minds of many to start their lives once again.

Areas of Best Known Practice -

Women Rights

Human Rights

Women Mentor

Content Creator



Social and Legal Activist

Transformational Expert

Developmental Feminism

Personality Trainer



Gender Equality Exponent SDG's 2030

Motivational Speaker

Mayaa SH also known as Lady Karl Marx and Female Chulbul Pandey is a feminist philosopher, thinker and essayist in 21st century modern India. She is not a typical passive Indian woman who blindly follow the norms that are not meant to uplift women in a more sensitive and rational manner. She is a Mother of championing the power of self belief to an extent that her vision of her philosophy is to give freedom to woman from so called judgements that still plague our society at large. Mayaa SH is a Literary Empowerment Campaigner, an Iconic Contemporary Authoress and Poetess and A Social Activist who has shattered all glass ceilings and barriers to champion the cause of Gender Equality and Neutrality. Best known for her work in Swayam , she is Championer of Women’s Rights, Authoress, Public Intellectual, and a former corporate juggernaut, Mayaa SH is a recognised crusader on Indian’s contemporary verve of economics, freedom of the press, gender neutrality and human rights. Mayaa SH is a known name in contemporary literature and is a multi National and State Award Winner,a Podcaster, an Artist, a Record Chart Topping International Fastest Anthology Co-Author and a twelve times World Record Holder. She is driven by passion to write and compose. She has love for grammar and mental health awareness by engaging in talk as remedial navigation through any situation. She always tries to look for ways to merge the two. She is an avid enthusiast for the three C’s: Character, Charisma and Chivalry. Be it, writing; debating or counselling; she makes sure to dedicate time to every such field wherein the reach is extensive and dedicated towards people in order to make her dreams reach countless souls. She is a suicide prevention expert


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