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Women Empowerment Culturist and Literary Sensation Mayaa SH bags The Dadasaheb Phalke Indian Television Award 2023 on September 17th

Celebrating Excellence in Indian Television

India’s biggest show, the Dadasaheb Phalke Indian Television Awards were held on September 17th 2023. DadaSaheb Phalke Indian Television Awards Ceremony unfolded at place in Mumbai’s Hyatt Centric. With THE Filmy Charcha as the media partner and RV Rising Entertainment as the social media partner, this night promised grand celebrations and unforgettable moments.

The ceremony was organised this award ceremony to honor and show gratitude to our fellow TV stars for their enormous efforts and achievements. Bollywood Icon Mandakini Ji graced the Event as Chief Guest.

It’s not just the actors who make television shows come alive; the writers, composers, and creators play an equally vital role.

Mayaa SH was honored with the title of “Multi National and Literary State Award Winner” acknowledging her multifaceted talent and contribution to the industry.This Award is a testament to Mayaa SH’s dedication, innovation, and unwavering commitment to both the writing industry and her dedication and passion towards upliftment of women across all facets. Her journey serves as an inspiration to many not just as a personal achievement but also an inspiration to aspire for women to lead a life of dignity and honour.

Mayaa looks every bit a traditional Indian. It is difficult to imagine her seated on the high thoughts in her notions of ideology she represents for women across the nation. She carries the emblem of a being a “Proud Indian” on her face for delivering her bold and assertive mindset on feminism or complex matters of gender equality. Her recommendations have been representative being a headstrong feminist carrying the flag of women’s rights and gender mainstreaming. Her passion to fight against societal evil has provided an inspiration to many in the country.Mayaa’s courage and resoluteness that forced society to give up its inhibitions and make way for a woman so strong that she had worked tirelessly to change the doctrine in the societal landscape in India that women cannot be super achievers.

Mayaa SH’s conviction in women’s abilities and her active and bold assertion on women’s issues has drastically changed regressive outlooks towards women not able to shatter the glass ceiling in life. An authoress, mentor, social activist, gender neutrality expert and a lioness in prowess for championing the rights of women and gender equality, and a writer, Mayaa SH has taken onto many roles in life and exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Emulating her assertion on empowering women, Mayaa was aware that females were regarded by their gender first and their merit second, and so she knew that people expected her to speak her notions on “women’s issues and independence” not so openly. But she wanted to challenge this norm and prove that she was good enough to champion and take a stand for mainstream gender equality and just as good as any other male counterpart. Mayaa reflects on living a full, happy and meaningful life, and her outlook towards challenges posed by societal evils is one that we can all try to understand and reflect upon . Her achievements are a result of her perseverance and dedication. Her life is a reminder for us to never give up, never stop loving, and never stop questioning the norm.

When we reflect on Mayaa SH’s journey we celebrate her remarkable achievement, we also look to the illustrations of her powerful writings and work that speaks volumes on her ideology and her vision dedicated to championing the rights of women across all sectors. Her story is a reminiscence of the fact that the will to succeed in life never sees any divides and age, success is not measured solely by statistical wins and awards to win only. She is not just an multi-national and state level award-winning, multi world records holder global icon for women ; she is quintessentially the ray of hope of inspiration for many women to arise, awake and stop not till the goal is achieved. Mayaa SH also known as ‘Mayaa Tai’, ‘Female Karl Marx’ and ‘Lady Gandhi’ Mayaa has left a mark on everything she does, including in her well-thought-out decision to decide in future to donate her eyes after her death.


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