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Let's Watch Rishi Saxena along with Lekha Prajapati in search of "The Right One " on MX Player

When parents are clueless about what their children want or how they could create an impactful marriage life in future and what actual reality is, you may have your answer while watching one short film on MX Player titled " The Right One"

A search of " The Right One", starts with the Kahe Diya Pardes-fame Rishi Saxena and The Big Bull-actor Lekha Prajapati and some unexpected twists.

The journey begins when Dishant and Avni, forced by their parents to meet each other for an arranged marriage, are confronted by the ideas they have about each other and the reality that is about to hit them in the form of a curveball. A struggle begins in them between the need to have someone to love and the fantasy of having the “perfect” partner. A hundred thoughts, a hundred questions. Prime among them: who is “the right one”?