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Let's meet Director Dhriti Pati Sarkar

1)Share about your background and turning point before getting into this field

Ans: I Was Gold Medalist International Fighter In Martial & National Level Gymnast. So I Have a Strong Interest In Theater & Performing Art Where Won Best Actor Many Time It Attracts Me Toward Movies.

2)What was your reaction when you saw your first creation was officially selected by reputed film festivals?

Ans 2: Little Surprise And Motivated For Do Hard Work For Future Project. We Have Long Time Among Theater Exhibitor & Film Festival Organizers And This Recognizing Give Us More Millage Among Them

3) How to become a director's actor if we are not from the National School of Drama or FTII?

Ans: If You Have Passion For Acting Then Its No Matter You Coming From Where. I Think More Than 1 Crore People Trying In Acting By Various Platform Ex Theater, Film, Tv, Ott, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube Etc

4)What are your suggestions to aspiring filmmakers about filming a climax?

Ans: It's a Tough Intellectual Question. Climax Opening, Interval & Post Interval Scene Must Be Striking & Impressive Because These Lead Viewer Interest For Further Viewing.

5)What projects are you working on next?

Ans We Making An Action Thriller On Realistic Subject

6)What was the major effect on the film gives industry and your life after this lock-down?

Ans: Have Much More Time For Thinking On Script. Little Hard Struggle Also

7)What, in your opinion, is the most important quality of a Film Director?

Ans: If You Are Outsider Or First Generation In with Then You Must Be Create Innovative Script With Good Actors

8)On this closing note, want to share any tips to our viewers? Share your social media IDs as well so our readers will follow you.

Ans : Please Try To Watch Outside Of Trending Projects. Its Give Millage Some Unknown Creator.


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