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It was an absolute honour to be part of a Eduthon : Soniyaa Murhe

On the occasion of blissful Vasant Panchami, 5 February 2022,

20 Speakers across India joined Eduthon with a motto of Education Beyond Syllabus

The event was organized by: Win Connects Intellectual Network TM

Sponsored by: ScholarsTree Educare Private Limited

Media partner: Stay featured

Creative Partner: Arena Animation Tilak Road

Education Partner: Yoga at Chiranjiv Foundation, Palingo

We witnessed a talk from an author of Cherished Best Seller , "One Step Closer " Ms Soniyaa Murhe , Let's read what she said

"On the auspicious occasion of Basant Panchami, a large group of imminent speakers came together and shared their thoughts about Education Beyond Syllabus.

It was an absolute honour to be part of a conversation featuring such talented and enlightened people.

Education beyond syllabus is crucial for the current and upcoming generations as theirs is a world that's constantly changing and growing. We need to understand the several parameters of how to create the right kind of education and how to deliver it the best way possible.

As for me, I was not born a writer. My basic education is in computer science. I had a passion for writing but I always thought of it as my hobby and never imagined that it could become my full-time career To become a published author, I had to polish my writing skills and learn about the entire process. That's how after three years of hard work, my debut novel One Step Closer was finally published.

I hope to contribute to this mission in every way possible.

I would like to express my thanks to the Eduthon team for organizing such an amazing event and for inviting me"

if you want to watch and cherish the memories of eduthon, click on this link

Dear Readers, if you want to know more about Soniyaa Murhe, just go through these links to reach out

Amazon link of "One Step Closer":

Instagram profile: soniyaam_198


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