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Indiafirst's sponsorship is helping me fulfil my dream of becoming a Cricketer. -Pushkar Sharma

Sponsorship has always helped the one who deserves to be helped.

Pushkar Sharma one of the upcoming cricketer, a former player of the African premier league, and former captain of the Mumbai U-16 team has made a gesture of thanks to his former employer Indiafirst life insurance for the sponsorship.

Pushkar Sharma said, "the current pandemic has destroyed many families. Some emotionally and some financially.

Being the only earner in the family it was hard for me as well.

However, because of Indiafirst company, it was a little easy to go through this hard time."

Pushkar’s journey with Indiafirst started when Ajish Rahman one of the senior employee and the Captain of Indiafirst gave him the job as a phone manager and also gave Pushkar an opportunity to play in the Indiafirst team.

Pushkar was awarded by best batsman of the year while playing for Indiafirst.

From there Pushkar started getting fame in Indiafirst company. In 2019, Sharma got an opportunity to Kenya for playing a tournament. By seeing Pushkar’s abilities and potential for playing cricket Mr Digambar asked him to come to Kenya. As working in a cooperate company it was hard to ask for 30 days leave. However, after a meeting with the Chief people officer of Indiafirst Mr. Menon, company agreed to approve one month’s leave for its employee’s benefit.

          In the frame: Pushkar Sharma along with his family

After coming back from Kenya. Pushkar started his daily routine life. Pushkar not only played well in cricket but he was also a top performer in his phone manager team. And then one day in November 2019 Pushkar got a call from Kenya, they offered him a contract to play in Kenya. This was a hard decision to take as they offered a contract for 2years along with all the necessity. Pushkar had a discussion with his family and Indiafirst and decided to go to Kenya and play for the national team.

Pushkar Sharma also added that if a deserving player gets some support from the sponsors it will be very helpful for a player to fulfil his dream.

At the end of the interview, Sharma said he is happy that he has worked in such a company that is ready to help its former employee.


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