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Know More about African Premier League Star "Pushkar Sharma"

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We are here to bring few more facts about his life.

Pushkar Sharma was born on 12 October 2000 into a Brahman Hindu family. The family includes 5 members; his late father"Shiv Kumar Sharma" mother "Sushma Sharma" who is a housewife, two elder sisters "Jyoti & Nidhi".

Pushkar was raised in Hathras and according to his family, when he was five years old, Pushkar wanted to play cricket and asked his father the desire of becoming a successful Cricketer, his father questioned him why he wants to play cricket, where Pushkar said to want to come on TV like these international players.

In local tournaments, Pushkar was becoming a famous player day by day in Hathras, many people told Pushkar's father, he will be a good player in the future.

Pushkar Sharma Biography, Age, Height & Family

Real Name - Pushkar Sharma

Nick Name - Pushky

Profession- Cricketer, Athlete

Birth Date - 12-Oct-2000

Nationality - Indian

Hair Colour - Black

Eye Colour - Black

Height - 5"10"

Weight - 70 kgs Approx.

School- Albarkaat Malik English School

Father- Shiv Kumar Sharma

Mother- Sushma Sharma

Siblings- Jyoti& Nidhi

Batting Style

Pushkar is a naturally aggressive batsman with strong skills. He usually bats at the open in ODI, T20, and Test cricket He bats with a slightly open-chested stance and is said to have quick footwork. He is known for big shots, the ability to pace an innings, and batting under pressure, He is strong through the mid-wicket and square leg region. He has said that the Flick is his favourite shot, while also saying that the flick shot comes naturally to him. He does not play the Mid On Drive often, being called "not a natural sweeper of the cricket ball. His teammates have praised his confidence, commitment, focus, and work ethics, Sharma is also known to be a "Key Player. Pushkar is regarded as the best T20 batsmen in Corporate Tournaments, especially while chasing. Pushkar has said, "I love the whole situation that comes with chasing. I like the challenges, figuring out how to rotate strike when to hit a boundary or Six”.

Sharma is often compared to Gautam Gambhir, due to their similar styles of batting, and sometimes referred to as Gambhir’s "successor. Pushkar has stated that growing up his idol and role model was Gautam Gambhir and that as a kid he "tried to copy the shots (Gambhir) played and hit sixes the way he used to hit them.

Some facts about Puskar Sharma

Pushkar's family shifted to Greater Noida and this was a great opportunity for Pushkar to show his talent. Pushkar said to his father, He wants to learn cricket in the nearest Cricket academy. Pushkar took admission to YMCA Club, he started his career and he has taken coaching from Subhash Chaudhary and Jagat Kishor. He slammed a half-century in the first match. His coach Jagat Kishor and Subhash said Pushkar has great Talent, his talent will help in the future and he will play cricket at a good level in the coming time.

In 2009 Pushkar was getting Famous in Greater Noida, Pushkar's father was very happy with his performance, on basis of his Performance, Pushkar received an offer from Mumbai to play cricket. At that instant, Pushkar was only nine years old, it was very difficult for his family to send Pushkar alone for the Cricket Training in Mumbai.

Pushkar’s father decided to send him to Mumbai, as his father knew that school cricket is very promoted in Mumbai. Pushkar stayed with his "Raj Kumar” uncle in Navy Nagar in Mumbai, Pushkar was doing practice in one of the famous cricket academies at "Bohra cricketer" in Azad maidan, his coach was Pankaj Ojha and Ashish Gupta.

Awards And Achievements

  1. In 2021 Pushkar was selected for African Premier League

  2. In 2020 Pushkarsigned with India first Life Insurance as a “Brand ambassador” for Five years.

  3. In 2020 Pushkar signed with Blackbird sports Academy as a “Brand ambassador”.

  4. In 2019 Pushkar Sharma was awarded as a Best Batsman of the year for “India first Life Insurance”.

  5. In 2019 Pushkar was awarded as a Best Batsman of the tournament in “Blue Storm F15 Trophy”.

  6. In 2017 Pushkar was awarded as “Man of the Match” in a live match against Bhopal.

  7. In 2016 Pushkar was awarded as a Best Batsman of the tournament for “Ghost Trophy” Under-16 Organized by Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA).

  8. In 2015 Pushkar Sharma was also selected for “National Level” for Maharashtra organized by the Government of Maharashtra.

  9. In 2014-15 Pushkar was awarded as a Best Batsman of the tournament for “Mumbai Under-17” in State Level Organized by Government of Maharashtra.

  10. In 2013-14 Pushkar was awarded as a Best Batsman of the tournament for “Mumbai Under-14” in State Level Organized by the Government of Maharashtra.


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