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India’s First Keto-Friendly, Sugar-Free Chocolate Brand Puts Foot In The Market

Razzle chocolates, an Ahmedabad-based company has launched its range of chocolates which are vegan, keto-friendly, pro diabetic, and are also gluten and soy-free. The idea of the company emerged when this young boy of 25 years saw how much people craved sweetness when they had to control it. Watching their emotional turbulence, he aimed to use his hotel management and marketing knowledge to create something cool.

As it is said what you seek seeks you, this turned into reality when he met Lt. Colonel Dr Awaneesh Pandey who runs his diabetic clinic and is a wellness coach too. Under his expert metabolic guidance, he created Razzle chocolates with the use of Erythritol.

“We were extremely happy to announce the launch of Razzle bars on social media. We aimed to make the basic pleasures of life accessible to all and this truly is dream come true. This gives them the much-needed guilt-free chocolate experience. Our nation is advancing towards becoming the Diabesity capital due to the higher amount of sugar & carbs in our day-to-day diet. A bar of regular dark chocolate contains around 40-60 grams of added sugar (on average) which makes this a luxury for people who can’t consume it. On the contrary, Razzle bars provide a sugarless experience. Such high sugar in regular chocolate bars has made the simple pleasure of having chocolate a sinful luxury that many people now cannot afford.” - Dr Awaneesh Pandey

The Razzle bars are currently available by order from their Instagram account ( They currently have five flavors; Rich in Cashew, Rich In Almond, Pistachio Haze, Nut Mosaic, and Chilli Cinnamon. The journey started in 2020 amidst lockdown and they received so much love from people. The brand is now handled by the mother-son duo who are looking forward to hitting their big milestone.

“We are planning to set up a facility for producing 1000 chocolate bars a day by the end of 2022. We aim to sell 100 chocolate bars a day initially and then scale it up to 1000 bars a day by the end of the year 2022. We are also planning to increase the flavours from the existing 5 to 20 over the coming months.” he added.

This new chocolate is surely going to change the dimensions of the fitness world.


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