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Igniting Entrepreneurial Minds: School Leaders' Meet by Let's Enterprise and EduDrone-- WE CONNECT

“Companies need people who ask good questions, learn fast and solve problems. They don't want instruction-takers anymore who are to be told what to do. They want talent who can identify and solve problems independently. They want people with an entrepreneurial mindset" - Aditya Jhunjhunwala, CEO and Co-Founder of Let's Enterprise

The event hosted by Lets Enterprise and organised by EduDrone at Lets Enterprise space in Koregaon Park brought together School Leaders to discuss bridging the gap in the curriculum and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset in students. The welcome address was given by Mrs. Kajal Chhatija, Founder & CEO of EduDrone, who explained the purpose of the meeting, which was to introduce the importance of cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset the way Let’s Enterprise is developing for students in the higher education space through their programs.

Following the welcome address, the executive team of Let's Enterprise, consisting of Mr. Aditya Jhunjhunwala, Ms. Palak, and Mr. Yusuf, gave a presentation on India's first 3-year working degree program. This program is a flip of traditional college model, with 80% experiential learning and 20% academic learning where students will go through an experiential undergrad program curated by Let’s Enterprise and will get a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree upon completion. The presentation highlighted unique aspects of the program, it’s benefits for students and importance of developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

As part of the event, an activity called "World Cafe" was conducted. This activity proved to be interesting and thought-provoking as it involved all participants in discussing the competencies that should be developed in students. Additionally, the activity explored various experiential learning activities that could be incorporated into the school years. This interactive session allowed principals and counsellors to actively contribute their ideas and insights.

Team Let's Enterprise emphasized the importance of bridging the gap between academics and industry. How components designed by them can be a catalyst for the same even at the school level so they are better prepared for work and life in the higher education years.

Overall, the principals and counsellors in attendance appreciated the three-year program proposed by Let's Enterprise - Undergrad in Multidisciplinary Entrepreneurial Development (M.E.D). They recognized its potential to promote an entrepreneurial mindset among students and provide them with real-world experiences and fast-tracking their careers by working on real business challenges with industry experts in this program.


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