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Upholding Dignity and Integrity: The Ethical Responsibility of Award Recipients- Dr Pratik Mungekar


In recent times, the dignity and respect associated with receiving awards have been on a decline. It is crucial for all achievers to recognize the ethical responsibilities that come with accepting an award and to maintain a high standard of conduct. This article aims to shed light on the importance of upholding dignity and integrity during award functions, while also proposing a standard code of conduct for all awardees to follow.

The Significance of Awards:

Awards hold great value, symbolizing recognition for outstanding achievements and contributions in various fields. They serve as a testament to an individual's hard work, dedication, and talent. It is essential for awardees to understand the impact their actions can have on the credibility and reputation of both themselves and the award they receive.

Ethics of Receiving an Award:

Receiving an award carries an ethical responsibility that goes beyond the moment of recognition. Awardees should demonstrate gratitude, humility, and respect towards the organizers, fellow nominees, and the audience. They should acknowledge the contributions of others and avoid any actions or statements that may diminish the value or significance of the award.

Maintaining Discipline:

Awardees must exhibit discipline during award functions. This includes adhering to the schedule, following instructions, and actively participating in the ceremony. Punctuality, attentiveness, and professionalism are crucial in maintaining the integrity of the event and showing respect to the organizers and attendees.

Setting an Example:

Awardees often serve as role models and inspirations to others. It is essential for them to be conscious of their behavior and the impact it may have on aspiring individuals in their respective fields. By demonstrating ethical conduct and embodying the values associated with the award, awardees can inspire others to strive for excellence with integrity.

Proposed Code of Conduct for Awardees:

To ensure the maintenance of dignity and integrity during award functions, a standard code of conduct can be adopted by all awardees. This code may include guidelines such as:

Gratitude and humility: Express sincere appreciation for the recognition and acknowledge the efforts of others who have contributed to the awardee's success.

Respect and courtesy: Treat fellow nominees, organizers, and attendees with respect and courtesy, both during the award function and in public interactions.

Professionalism: Maintain professionalism by adhering to the dress code, following instructions, and actively engaging in the ceremony.

Avoidance of controversy: Refrain from engaging in controversial or offensive behaviour, both in person and on social media platforms, to protect the integrity of the award and maintain a positive image.


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