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Hyderabad's Fortune Academy pioneers 'Money Retreat'

We work hard, study well, and take all the trouble in life to earn more money. But we do very little to manage money well. As a result, many struggle even after making a huge fortune.

Hyderabad-based Fortune Academy pioneered a novel concept and has come out with a unique 'Money Retreat'. A three-day immersive learning and experience of Money Management. The retreat will be held at Park Regin, a resort-style luxury hotel in Goa for three days from June 5th to 7th

It offers transformative techniques to improve financial well-being. This is all an experience of learning. Some of the activities unheard of before include Aqua silica Odyssey, Terra Transformation, Aether Accession, and Phoenix Ignition.

Giving details, Dr Mani 'Money' Pavitra, a Dental Doctor, now popularly known as 'Money Breakthrough Specialist" said, "It’s weird and confusing that the most talented and smart people in the world are often the ones struggling to make fabulous money".

Over the years, Dr Mani Pavitra has been through the whole financial roller coaster herself and mastered the scientifically proven mental models that attract wealth!

Giving highlights of the retreat Dr Mani Pavitra said, the Aqua Silica Odyssey employs breathwork exercises in water, symbolizing liquidity, to cleanse any mental blocks and revitalise your perspective towards wealth creation. The Terra Transformation grounds you to earthly realities, teaching you to appreciate and manage the resources you have efficiently. The Aether Accession promotes the flow of energy and opens the mind to a higher level of financial wisdom and opportunities. The retreat concludes with the Phoenix Ignition, symbolizing rebirth and renewal, helping participants to let go of any past financial mistakes and embrace a new path towards financial independence and prosperity. This retreat is designed to enhance participants' financial consciousness and to unblock their path towards financial success

This retreat will give its attendees the most practical wealth manifestation tools they will ever have. They will get day-to-day actions, inspiration, kick-up-the-butt real talk, and loving advice, she added.

This model worked well for me. As an outcome of belief shifts, my income doubled, then tripled, and in a few years, I went from always struggling to make ends meet to being a financially successful entrepreneur.

From “not enough money,” I have reached a comfortable position, she added. Dr Mani Pavitra today is a very successful entrepreneur.

You can make money three ways—make more, manage well or spend less, she adds.

About a hundred Business owners, Couples and Single moms with kids are taking part in the unique 'Money Retreat'.


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