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How to use social media for acquiring new clients in 2021? : Arunima Jha

Dear Readers of Stay Featured,

Do you want to know this?

How smartly should you use social media for acquiring new clients in 2021?

I have graduated from my class in 2013 and I started out my career with civil & criminal litigation. Looking back, I wasn't really at a Fred Flintstone law firm but I was still not using social media for marketing my services. I am not saying that I moved to George J. Jetson ecosystem but when I switched my practice area from civil & criminal to corporate laws there, I could sense that social media was a great tool for marketing legal services. One of my friends recently asked me if it's okay for lawyers to use Instagram, I couldn't help but wonder what's wrong with being your real self?

Personally, I am on my phone a lot like most millennials are but I do strategic scrolling. In this sense, when I look at the content and think if I can create something using either the music element or the concept. So I shoot my videos also strategically. So from 1k followers in 2020, I gained a following of 30k plus on Instagram and honestly what I noticed was one can use the platform effectively to build up their brand and name.

It's imperative to get your posts re-blasted e.g. LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook.

Let me break down the tips on how to do this:

1) Instagram typically has a 1-minute link for the posts and the reels are also 1 minute, IGTV is longer but stories are only for 15 secs. When it comes to Instagram create strategic contents to catch the audience's attention. Most of my social media presence is on Instagram. I highly recommend using Instagram if you want to market your services more effectively. According to Instagram Business, its platform has over 1 billion users who are active each month. Crazy. IKR. Might as well make use of the platform to gain the audience's reach. People appreciate honesty and being the real you makes you "Human", why shy away from that? After all, who wants a bot to handle their legal cases?

2) Now you may ask why would someone go on Instagram to look for a lawyer? To be honest, social media is not the place where people usually go for looking for a lawyer but if you are constantly showing up in someone's feed, whether it's Instagram or LinkedIn you're always top of the mind meaning they might not need the lawyer now but when they do, yours will be the first name that comes to their mind. That's a really important marketing tip.

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