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HIPLEX 2023, India’s 3rd largest Plastics Expo concluded

The Four Day, HIPLEX 2023, the international Plastic Expo, marked as the third-largest expo in the country, concluded on Monday evening at HITEX.

The exhibition was meticulously organized in the city, returning after an 8-year hiatus, taking on a fresh identity as HIPLEX, succeeding the previous version known as IPLEX.

Exceeding expectations, over 50,000 business visitors from across India graced the exhibition during its four-day span. A total of 400 exhibitors showcased an array of products and services across an extensive 20,000 square meters space. Setting itself apart from conventional exhibitions, the organizers, TAAPMA (Telangana and Andhra Plastics Manufacturers Association), provided exhibitors with complimentary power, air, and water supply for live machine demonstrations. Vimalesh Gupta, Chairman of TAAPMA, informed that this initiative incurred costs exceeding Rs 1 crore. Every displayed machine found a new home, as none were left unsold, stated Vimalesh Gupta.

Anil Reddy Vennum, the National President of the Indian Plastics Institute, added that the collective efforts of exhibitors translated to firm business orders surpassing Rs 500 crore. Additionally, deals amounting to INR 1000 crore are currently in the finalization stages.

Srinivas Battula, Founder and Director of Plastic Injection Moulding Machinery manufacturing, reported the sale of 19 machines worth 4 crore. He expressed that this marked the most significant business achievement in any Indian plastic exhibition they have participated in. Notably, one of the buyers was India's largest toy manufacturer, suggesting that the toy manufacturing sector is poised for growth in light of import restrictions from China.

The Telangana government played a key role in supporting the show, alongside entities such as CIPET (Central Institute of Petrochemicals Engineering & Technology), AIPMA (All India Plastic Manufacturers Association), OPP (Organisation of Plastics Processors of India), and the Material Recycling Association of India, as highlighted by Arun Lahoti, Secretary of TAAPMA.

Further support came from various organizations including the Plastindia Foundation, the Indian Plastics Institution, the Indian Plastics Federation, and regional Plastic Manufacturers Associations.

The exhibition's formal inauguration was conducted by Mr. E. Venkat Narsimha Reddy, IAS - VC & MD of TSIIC, Govt of Telangana. Distinguished guests included Mr. D Chandra Sekhar from MSME-DFO, Govt. of India, Mr. Prabh Das from HMEL, Mr. H.K. Srivastava from GAIL, Mr. Anil Reddy Vennam, Mr. Meela Jayadev, and Mr. Ashish Saxena from UFLEX Group.

Speaking on "Mission Impossible" during a technical seminar on Plastic Packaging Sustainability, Rajesh Gauba, Senior Vice President of Reliance Industries Ltd, highlighted the environmental costs of alternative materials to plastics. Prem Kankaria, Chairman of the Seminar Committee, pointed out that India's recycling system is among the world's best.

Ashish Saxena of UFLEX Group highlighted the efforts of rag pickers, who must take numerous steps to collect small amounts of plastic. The speakers emphasized that plastics have a positive impact on lives and urged the focus to shift towards fighting pollution instead of targeting plastics. They aimed to instill confidence that plastics, though not without challenges, have a positive role to play.

The Recycling Pavillion was a major success, featuring innovations like EcoNiture and EcoLine Clothing, which offered jackets made from PET bottles and attracted significant sales.

Comparatively, India's per capita plastic consumption remains lower than that of China, with Anil Reddy Vennum highlighting the discrepancy and calling on the government to reconsider the 18% GST imposed on plastics. He specifically urged a reduction in GST for plastics used in food packaging and plastic waste management.


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