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ACCT Inaugurates Corrupack Summit 2023, Setting the Stage in Hyderabad

The Association of Corrugated Case of Telangana (ACCT), the leading trade body representing the corrugated packaging industry in Telangana, proudly launched the highly anticipated Corrupack Summit 2023 at Hotel Grand Kakatiya. This two-day event serves as a premier exhibition and conference dedicated to the advancements and innovations in corrugated packaging.

At a press conference, Mr ML Agarwal, Vice-Chairman of the International Corrugated Case Association, expressed his excitement about the event, stating, "The CorruPack Summit 2023 brings together corrugated box manufacturers from across India to share knowledge, explore industry trends, and foster collaboration."

This summit holds special significance for the Corrugated Box Manufacturers of Telangana as it also marks the preparatory stages for the upcoming International Corrugated Summit of the ICCA, which has been confirmed to take place in Hyderabad in January 2027. Mr Agarwal emphasized that the Corrupack Summit serves as an essential platform for finalizing arrangements and fine-tuning preparations for this prestigious global event.

The ICCA Global Summit 2027, the largest gathering of corrugated box manufacturers worldwide, is set to make its debut in India during this upcoming event. With concurrent exhibitions, including the FCBM CorruPack Summit 2027 and Corrugated Exhibition 2027, the summit will attract more than 500 international and 2000 national delegates.

Recently, the ICCA Global Summit 2023 and Board meeting were successfully held in Banff, Canada, where Mr ML Agarwal, an esteemed industrialist from Hyderabad, assumed the role of Vice Chairman of ICCA. Mr Agarwal's leadership appointment as Vice Chairman, and his future role as Chairman in 2025, stands as a remarkable honour for both the FCBM and India.

Mr ML Agarwal also shed light on the growth trajectory of the corrugated packaging industry in India, attributing its success to the increasing demand for consumer products and the booming e-commerce sector. With an annual growth rate projected at 10%, surpassing the national GDP, the Indian corrugated packaging industry currently stands at a market size of 10-11 million tons per annum, equivalent to a market value of Rs 50,000 crore.

In Telugu states, the industry's capacity reaches half a million tonnes, contributing to a market size of Rs 2500 crore. Telangana's industry is expected to grow at a rate of 15% per annum, slightly surpassing the national average.

Addressing challenges faced by the Indian corrugated packaging industry, Mr Agarwal highlighted concerns regarding paper quality. He emphasized the importance of higher fibre content in paper to ensure stronger boxes, noting that India heavily relies on paper imports and faces higher paper prices.

Following the press conference, attendees had the opportunity to explore the Tabletop Exhibition inaugurated by Mr Vineet Jain, President of FCBM. The exhibition showcased a diverse range of products and services essential for corrugated box manufacturing, attracting over 100 delegates from across India, along with 100 local corrugated box manufacturers.

The hosting of the managing committee of FCBM, the primary national body representing the interests of corrugated box manufacturers, further underlined the importance of this event.

Corrugated boxes continue to play a vital role in industrial packaging, ensuring the safe transportation and protection of goods and materials.


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