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'Growth Expo 2021' proves to be an unprecedented platform for business growth for brands & investors

'Growth Expo 2021' proves to be an unprecedented platform for business growth for brands and investors

Why it so?

- 50 participants and over 1700 visitors took part

-Traders, dealers, small businesses and investors get special benefits

- More than 3000 investors from across the country were involved

Battling the consequences and effect of the global pandemic ‘Growth Expo 2021’ proved to be an extremely profitable proposition for brands and investors. ‘Growth Expo 2021’ for the very first time was organized on the virtual platform; this mega event was attended by various businessmen, investors and consumers across the country. Over 1700 visitors including 50 participants took part in the Expo. The three-day online event held nationally proved to be a powerful medium for major brands to grow their businesses and investors in the country. It also gave a chance to both sides to explore better opportunities and future prospects.

During the three day mega event many important points were covered such as business information showcase, profile sharing, live chats with a Mrexchange of a business card, video conferencing and interactive event booths. ‘Growth Expo 2021’ Digital and PR partners were Troopel and PR 24x7 respectively.

Speaking on the success of the event, Mr. Yashesh Shah said, "We are happy that we have managed to bring together companies and investors from different sectors such as cleaning systems, small businesses, franchise owners, traders, and dealers from food, auto, education, retail, financial service providers, health-wellness, and water technology amongst others.

A common platform for growth has been provided to everyone to benefit at the Expo- 2021.

Let us know that more than 3000 investors from various states participated in this expo including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi-NCR. In which some major brands like Shanti Juniors, H3 Pre School, Chocolate Room, Padmam Capital were also seen participating actively. According to the expo, new people joining dealers, distributors or franchisees and franchise owners for the purpose of getting better results were also observed in contributing their efforts at the Expo.


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