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GMM Pfaudler and Pfaudler Group: Now a Unified Global Entity

GMM Pfaudler Limited has undertaken a significant rebranding exercise. This comes at a time when GMM Pfaudler is ready to take to the global stage its successful acquisition of a majority stake in its parent company, Pfaudler International.

The new brand identity has been developed to suit the vision of the new global entity. Consideration for the logo's inspiration is largely attributed to the global capabilities of GMM Pfaudler coming together under one roof and thus allowing the group to position itself as a unified global brand. The new identity is the visual culmination of GMM Pfaudler’s global strengths coming together that rightly captures the constant endeavour to keep moving forward. All global employee, customer, and stakeholder touchpoints will be reflective of the rebranded GMM Pfaudler identity.

All the existing technologies, systems, and services around the globe will now come under one umbrella - GMM Pfaudler. Pfaudler will continue as the global brand for Glass-Lined Technology, Normag for Lab & Process glass, Mavag for Filtration & Drying, Mixion for Mixing Technology, Interseal for Sealing Technology, and Edlon for Fluoropolymers. A newly created brand, Equilloy, has been identi­fied for the Alloy Process Equipment and Heavy Engineering business within the Group.

“After the completion of the acquisition of Pfaudler group, we wanted a corporate brand that brought both the strengths of GMM Pfaudler and Pfaudler together. We wanted something fresh, appealing, and simple to understand”, said Tarak Patel, Managing Director of GMM Pfaudler.

He further added, “We’re the same people, same company – now with a new look. We are changing to remain agile, serve our customers better and be future-ready. We are changing for the better.”

GMM Pfaudler Limited recently acquired a majority stake in its parent company, Pfaudler Group, from private equity firm Deutsche Beteiligungs AG Fund VI. As a result of the transaction, GMM Pfaudler has become the final holding company of the Pfaudler group, with Pfaudler's entire operation being integrated into GMM Pfaudler. From being a predominantly Indian player catering to the domestic market with just one manufacturing facility in Karamsad near Anand in Gujarat, the company now has a global footprint with 14 manufacturing facilities (three in India, one in China, three in America and seven in Europe) across eight countries and four continents, employing around 1,800 people.


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