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Fuzia's Entrepreneurship Summit'2022 - Demonstrate Independence, Creativity & Determination

The world has changed after the pandemic. More than hunting for jobs, young adults are looking to start their own ventures. Finally, India along with the global citizens has shifted from a service mindset to an entrepreneurial one. Today, with the rise of the passion economy, people with the necessary skills are trying to build businesses on digital platforms.

Fuzia is one of the leading women-centric digital platforms that help to connect artists, women entrepreneurs, writers, together as a community. They help creators and entrepreneurs to nurture and showcase their work.

Fuzia’s Entrepreneurship Summit in 2022 will begin on the note to provide budding and ambitious entrepreneurs with the necessary guidance to launch and sustain their business ideas in the competitive market. Today everyone has a great idea, but knowing the realistic implications of the business model is very much important. Often entrepreneurs fail not because of having ambitions, but only unrealistic ones. They need a human-centric approach and mentorship to steer their business ideas in the right direction and evaluate if the business idea is viable in the long term. Through this summit, Fuzia is inviting eminent panellists for workshops to guide budding entrepreneurs in the competitive market. In these workshops, audiences will learn the necessary insights to build their business.

From having the audience learn the basics of making the perfect pitch to accelerate their entrepreneurial journey to having them .add the WOW factor to boost their business & relevance of networking, Fuzia is all set to amaze budding entrepreneurs. This exclusive FREE EVENT is going to be a 5-day long virtual summit that will have four workshops followed by a Panel Discussion. Summit schedule: Day 1: Turn your Startup Dream into Reality- Workshop | January 24 | 4 PM Day 2: Turning Passion into a Career- Workshop | January 25 | 4 PM Day 3: Soft Skills for Entrepreneurs- Workshop | January 27 | 3 PM Day 4: The WOW Factor in Business & Networking- Workshop | January 28 | 4 PM Day 5: Entrepreneurship in the era of Startups- Panel Discussion | January 29

Last date To Register:

23rd January 2022

Fuzia’s initiatives don't end here! It is an ever-growing platform with millions of dreams, all uniting to one sole goal, women empowerment.


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