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FTCCI's Environment Committee Leads Industry Shift with Carbon Footprint Awareness Program

In a proactive move towards sustainability, the Environment Committee of FTCCI hosted a comprehensive program shedding light on Carbon Footprint and Reporting at Federation House. The event, held on Thursday, drew keen interest from industry stakeholders eager to delve into the critical subject matter.

President of FTCCI, Meela Jayadev, emphasized the imperative shift towards sustainable practices, asserting that understanding and mitigating carbon footprints have become non-negotiable in today's landscape. The program aimed to dissect the nuances of carbon footprint measurement, reporting, and its pivotal role in environmental stewardship.

Speaking passionately about the need for reducing carbon emissions, Jayadev highlighted the significance of adopting sustainable practices. The platform provided a unique opportunity for participants to glean insights from experts and collectively contribute towards a greener, more sustainable future.

G. Bala Subramanyam, Chair of the Environment Committee, underscored the importance of carbon footprint reporting in the industry's sustainability journey. He emphasized that accurate measurement and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions are foundational steps towards effective environmental management.

Priyanka Pothana, CEO of General Carbon, a renowned ESG and sustainability consulting firm, captivated the audience with her discourse on emissions, fossil fuels, greenhouse gases, and noteworthy actions taken by leading companies. She shared compelling statistics, illustrating the growing commitment towards carbon neutrality, with several major Indian corporations setting ambitious targets.

The event also featured discussions led by Priyanka and her colleague Harshini Vanaraj on CHG Emissions - Scope 1 & 2, reflecting a holistic approach towards addressing environmental challenges.

Attended by over 100 industry professionals spanning various domains such as EHS, Engineering, Sustainability, and Supply Chain Management, the program facilitated a deep understanding of carbon footprints and offered actionable strategies for effective reduction.

The initiative underscores FTCCI's commitment to driving environmental awareness and empowering businesses to integrate sustainability into their core strategies. With the pressing need for immediate action, initiatives like these pave the way for a more resilient and eco-conscious future.


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