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Rujuta Diwekar's Wisdom: Navigating the 40+ Mantra for Health, Beauty, and Vitality In an insightful rendezvous with over 300 members of the FICCI FLO

In an insightful rendezvous with over 300 FICCI Ladies Organisation members (FLO) members at Hotel Taj Deccan, celebrity nutritionist, author, and health advocate Rujuta Diwekar shared wisdom on embracing the journey beyond 40. Engaging in a conversation with Ritu Shah, Chairperson of FLO, Rujuta offered a holistic perspective on wellness, emphasizing the importance of regional, seasonal, traditional, and simple food choices.

Age Gracefully with 'The 40 Mantra'

Rujuta urged the audience to embrace the changes that come with age gracefully. Aging, she emphasized, is a biological process to be celebrated, not feared. Referring to the remarkable increase in life expectancy from 40-42 years in 1947 to 75 and beyond today, Rujuta encouraged everyone to age with grace and vitality.

Nutritional Insights for Women

Addressing the unique nutritional needs of women, especially during menstruation, Rujuta suggested incorporating tubers, lentils, chenna, moong dal, and fresh fruits like bananas into the diet. She emphasized the importance of eating wholesome and nutritious foods, debunking myths around dieting and encouraging a balanced approach to eating.

Exercise Like a Human, Sleep Like a Baby

Rujuta emphasized the significance of exercising in a manner that feels natural, not forced. "Exercise like a human, not like a 'kuttha' (dog)," she humorously remarked, advocating for sustainable workout routines. Stressing the importance of good sleep, she highlighted its role in hormone production and overall well-being, stating that a good eight-hour sleep is essential for vitality.

Ghee and White Butter: Culinary Delights for Health

Dispelling myths around fats, Rujuta recommended incorporating ghee into the diet, describing it as lipolytic—fat that breaks down other fats. She also praised white butter (Makkan), a natural, unprocessed version of butter, for its health benefits. Additionally, she championed the consumption of millet and fresh seasonal foods as integral components of a nutritious diet.

Ritu Shah's Welcome: Richness in Health

In her welcome address, Ritu Shah, Chairperson of FLO, lauded Rujuta Diwekar as a beacon of nutrition and wellness, cutting through the noise of diet trends. Rujuta's mantra, 'Eat local, think global,' was praised not just as a slogan but as a lifeline connecting individuals to their roots while embracing global wellness practices.

Embarking on a Journey of Health and Joy

Ritu Shah invited the audience to embark on a collective journey toward understanding the 40+ mantra—navigating health, beauty, and hormonal intricacies with grace and wisdom. Acknowledging Rujuta's transformative work spanning over two decades, Ritu celebrated her impact on a diverse audience, from homemakers to Bollywood luminaries.

A Nation Inspired by Rujuta's Legacy

Rujuta's work, spanning books that have touched over a million lives across languages and borders, continues to inspire a nation on its quest for better health. As the session concluded after 45 insightful minutes, the event wrapped up with a vibrant question-and-answer session, leaving the audience empowered with newfound knowledge on embracing vitality beyond 40.


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