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From Vigyan Bhavan to Parliament: Dr Sunita Dube’s Advocacy for Doctors' Safety

Updated: Jun 30

Can you tell us more about the #RedFlag Campaign and what inspired you to launch it on Doctor's Day?

Dr. Sunita Dube: Thank you for having me. The #RedFlag Campaign is a crucial initiative we launched on Doctor's Day to address the growing incidents of violence against healthcare professionals. It is heartbreaking to see doctors and medical staff, who are dedicating their lives to save others, being assaulted and attacked. The campaign aims to raise awareness, advocate for stronger protections, and foster a safer working environment for medical practitioners across India.

This is indeed a vital issue. How long have you been working on getting the Prevention Against Doctor's Assault Bill passed, and what challenges have you faced?

Dr. Sunita Dube: The struggle to get the Prevention Against Doctor's Assault Bill passed has been long and arduous. We proposed this bill during the 6th Fit India Conclave at Vigyan Bhavan. Despite the support from notable leaders like Shashi Tharoor, Amit Shah, and Ashok Vajpayee. However, the urgency of this issue cannot be overstated, and we remain committed to seeing this bill enacted.

How has the #RedFlag Campaign been received by the public and the medical community so far?

Dr. Sunita Dube: The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Over 30 lakh doctors and 42 medical bodies have shown their support for the campaign. It's encouraging to see such solidarity within the medical community and the general public. This support is crucial as we continue to press for legislative action and raise awareness about the need to protect our healthcare professionals.

Dr Sunita Dube and Team  #RedFlag Campaign
Dr Sunita Dube and Team #RedFlag Campaign

Can you tell us more about the We Doctors Campaign and its objectives?

Dr. Sunita Dube: The We Doctors Campaign is another initiative close to my heart. It aims to provide digital health cards to doctors across India. These cards streamline healthcare services by enabling doctors to access patient information more efficiently and securely. This initiative not only enhances the efficiency of healthcare delivery but also underscores the importance of integrating technology into our healthcare system to improve patient care.

The FitIndia Initiative has also been a significant part of Medscape India's efforts. Can you share some highlights of this initiative?

Dr. Sunita Dube: Absolutely. The FitIndia Initiative focuses on promoting physical fitness and overall well-being among Indians. Over the past decade, we've organized numerous events and campaigns to encourage healthy living. One of our key focuses has been enhancing CPR literacy to promote self-sufficiency in healthcare. By educating the public on life-saving techniques, we aim to create a healthier, more resilient society.

What are your next steps for the #RedFlag Campaign and the broader mission of Medscape India?

Dr. Sunita Dube: Our immediate goal is to intensify our advocacy efforts for the Prevention Against Doctor's Assault Bill. We will continue to engage with policymakers, organize awareness campaigns, and gather public support. Additionally, we aim to expand the We Doctors Campaign and further integrate digital solutions into our healthcare system. Through the FitIndia Initiative, we plan to continue promoting healthy lifestyles and preventive healthcare measures.

Dr Sunita Dube #RedFlag Campaign
Dr Sunita Dube #RedFlag Campaign

Dr. Dube, your dedication to improving the healthcare system and protecting its professionals is truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing your journey and vision with us today.

Dr. Sunita Dube: Thank you for providing this platform to highlight these critical issues. Together, we can create a safer and more efficient healthcare system for everyone.

Through her relentless advocacy and innovative initiatives, Dr. Sunita Dube continues to lead the charge in transforming India's healthcare landscape. Her efforts with the #RedFlag Campaign, We Doctors Campaign, and FitIndia Initiative are setting new standards for healthcare excellence and safety.


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