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Nisarg Srishti Welfare Foundation Reflects on a Successful Celebration of International Yoga Day

Pune, 21st June – Nisarg Srishti Welfare Foundation is delighted to share the post-event coverage of its grand celebration of International Yoga Day on June 21, 2023, in Pune. The event, held at Saras Bagh, Mahesh Vidyalay Kothrud, Nehru Park Prabhat Rd, Maharana Pratap Garden Bajirao Rd, Salisbury Park was a resounding success, bringing together yoga enthusiasts and individuals from all walks of life to embrace the essence of yoga and its benefits for physical and mental well-being.

International Yoga Day, observed globally on June 21st, serves as a platform to promote the practice of yoga and raise awareness about its holistic approach to wellness. Nisarg Srishti Welfare Foundation organized a comprehensive program that encompassed yoga sessions, enlightening talks, and an atmosphere of unity and harmony.

The event commenced with an inaugural ceremony that highlighted the significance of International Yoga Day and the Foundation's commitment to promoting health, wellness, and sustainable living. Renowned yoga practitioners and instructors led the participants through a series of invigorating yoga sessions, guiding them in various asanas, pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation practices.

The celebration witnessed enthusiastic participation from a diverse range of individuals, including seasoned practitioners, beginners, and families. Participants had the opportunity to experience the transformative power of yoga firsthand, enhancing their physical flexibility, mental clarity, and overall well-being.

"We are thrilled with the overwhelming response to our celebration of International Yoga Day," said Mrs. Garima Kavathekar, Founder Director of Nisarg Srishti Welfare Foundation. "The event provided a platform for individuals to come together, embrace the practice of yoga, and discover its positive impact on their lives. We are grateful for the community's support and dedication to holistic well-being."

The Foundation also organized informative talks that delved into the philosophy and science of yoga, enabling participants to deepen their understanding of this ancient practice. Experts shared insights on the significance of mindfulness, stress management techniques, and the importance of incorporating yoga into one's daily routine.

Nisarg Srishti Welfare Foundation expresses its heartfelt gratitude to all participants, volunteers, instructor- Himanshu M. Sankhye, and partners who contributed to the success of the event. Their collective enthusiasm and support played an instrumental role in creating an inclusive and empowering atmosphere.

The Foundation remains committed to promoting the benefits of yoga and its positive impact on individuals and communities. It will continue to organize various initiatives, workshops, and events to encourage individuals to incorporate yoga into their daily lives and experience the transformative effects it can have on their overall well-being.

For more information about Nisarg Srishti Welfare Foundation and its upcoming events, please visit or contact- Himanshu M Sankhye/Prathamesh at 9371041034/9975544061


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