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Featured Children's - Reyaansh Shah

Team Stay Featured recently interacted with Vishal Vinaykumar Shah CA , Finance Director in Clarke - energy kothrud Pune and Dr. Prachi Vishal Shah MD(HOM) about their son, Reyaansh Shah , let's read their thoughts about Reyaansh

Reyaansh is 8.5 years old science enthusiast and he is all ears to learn new skills every day. He is known as junior scientist in his school.

Reyaansh is always been super energetic kid, always want to do something so being doctor and his Mother, I have to channelize his high energy in something constructive and fruitful.

We have started his YouTube channel named Talentomato in December 2019 where he performed many science experiments. He got engaged and he loves to perform in his channel.

In 2020, lockdown was implemented and everything got stuck. There was no way that high energy child like him would sit at home without doing anything.

And here his journey began, he started reading more books, he started learning map (India as well as World Map).

One day he asked his dad, “I want to do something new” and his father gave him Periodic table just for fun with an intend to familiarize him with picture of periodic table.

To our surprise, he not only understood periodic table at young age of 6 but he learnt all elements by heart. He learnt periodic table song of 118 elements. He made his own notes and mnemonics for the same.

That day we understood his capacity and we both started taking efforts to make him learn complicated subjects like chemistry, human anatomy, and geography through crafts, DIY projects and games. He responded so well and whole lockdown went so smoothly.

We all (including Reyaansh) came up with different fun ways to learn new things.

1] We made Periodic table flash cards with cardboard.

2] We played Periodic table treasure hunt in which Reyaansh is supposed to find out elements in daily household things like Iron in iron syrup, Calcium in calcium tablets, Graphite in pencil, Magnesium in spinach leaves, and Cadmium in colors etc.

3] We played periodic antakshari in which he is supposed to make meaningful word with elements like table

OK – oxygen and potassium

NO – nitrogen and oxygen

CUTE – Copper and Tellurium

CONE – Cobalt and Neon

4] Periodic table in song form.

5] We made working model of volcano with household elements like vinegar, soda and detergent powder. Before performing the experiment he not only read but actually understood concept of lava, volcano, tectonic plates and many more things.

6] We made Human anatomy models with craft like brain model, Bones of hand, Digestive system Teeth model

7] We played Treasure hunts on Map. His father asked him to find out lesser known countries like Djibouti, Tuvalu and asked him importance of the same and to our surprise he presented the topic in front of us.

Same with Indian map where he made us understand what is chicken’s neck and many more things.

8] He performed dissection of Hibiscus flower and learnt part of flower and concept of complete and incomplete flower at age of 6.

When we were performing such activities at home out of his interest we weren’t knew he is learning lot more for his age.

In year 2022, when Offline School started and he had free period in his class one senior student from 10th standard came to their class to make them understand the parts of flowers and Reyaansh explained it so well that teacher gave us feedback that Reyaansh is genius in science.

Studying so many subjects in whole lock down made him mini encyclopedia.

He loves to play country names game with elders and we saw him winning in this game in very easily. All his videos are already posted in his YouTube channel.

Few of his videos on YouTube channel are having more than 3k views.

Along with extra activities he also performed excellently in academics and won Gold medal in National Science Olympiad from Pune city.

He won runner up title in All India Geo Genius project competition in topic “Real world testing of biodegradability”. Along with this, he is learning skills of swimming, skating and piano playing, public speaking.

Many friends misunderstood that our efforts are pressuring Reyaansh for studies, for YouTube channel videos. But the fact is, when we as parent understood our child’s strength and weakness, we tried our best to bank on his strength and improve his skills and overcome his weaknesses. We as a parent believed that every child is different and we need to make things available as per their choice. Off course we can’t ask kid to dance and paint if he doesn’t like those activities.

Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their packages at different times.

Every child is different and parents need to respect their emotions and liking too.

It was great journey to see Reyaansh growing and flourishing.

Only thing we follow is “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember; involve me and I learn”

We as parent are always there with him but his grandparents, uncle aunty both maternal and paternal side supported him a lot. They all always motivated and appreciated him for every task or activities he performed. His teachers from Podar International School Aambegoan supported him lot.

Teachers always encourage him to speak on topics he knew. Podar School motivated him by show casing his project on display board and posting his project on school’s Facebook page. Anagha Ma’am, Devika Ma’am, Aboli teacher, Naziya teacher, Yugandhara teacher, Swatee teacher, Sayali teacher, Supriya teacher, Pranita teacher and Pallavi teacher played really important role in his progress.

We are happy that teachers not only from his present class but also from earlier classes appreciated him for his efforts which motivated him lot.

It is not about smart children, it is about happy children who have the confidence and courage to learn and pursue things dear to their heart

Reyaansh’s YouTube channel Talentomato -

Feel free to connect with little champ –


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