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Featured By Stay Featured: Shree Enterprises

Shree Enterprises was established in 2016. We started with printing visiting cards and wedding cards but due to the pandemic the entire printing market had come to a standstill. Innovations like vCards and inviting limited people for weddings drastically impacted the business.

Me and my wife Pallavi were thinking of starting something different in the same field of printing. Lure of wearing good T-shirts struck and got me into this business. We started on 17th April 2022 and launched our brand YOprintz on my son’s (Shree) birthday.

Customized T-shirts involves a lot of communication and understanding the customer’s exact need. There is a lot of back and forth that happens until we finalise everything. The biggest challenge I feel is getting the exact Color of the tshirt that the customers look for. People can come up with real odd Color’s at times. As of now we are a team of 5, all my family members.

They extend support and we at times work 24x7. I remember we had an order in august of 1800 T-shirts and we as a team worked for 5 days with hardly a couple of hours of sleep. So far we have done deliveries in UK, Poland, Singapore m, US and this is happening through just my network and coz of the references. In 2023 we will be focusing more on marketing and expansion in different segments. Adding more value for money and being customer-centric is our goal.


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