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Rudra Sawre won the best trophy in Abacus Level Examination

Rudra Praveen Sawre selected for World Abacus Championship

Beed Correspondent: - Abacus is one of the most important mathematical techniques used in school life for the overall development of the students. Abacus and Vedic mathematics are becoming very important mediums for the intellectual development of students. The Abacus Study Center in the city conducts many different Abacus and Vedic Math level competitions to develop the personality of the students.

In a similar Abacus level, student Rudra Praveen Sawre has bagged a gold trophy as the best Abacus contestant in an Abacus level examination. Rudra says that many mathematical processes in the school curriculum and practical knowledge can be done by Abacus in a few moments.

Dr Praveen Sawre, Rudra's Dad said, " In just seven minutes, he answered 60 questions correctly in the Abacus Level exam, in which he got the best first contestant number. Rudra Sawer has also been selected for the Abacus Championship among world-class students to be held in July 2022. Parents have played a very important role in the success of Rudra Sawer.

"He has been constantly studying, and completing the given homework, from the very beginning. Welcome, congratulations from all levels for the success achieved by Rudra Sawer, best wishes for the next World Abacus Championship Examination" said District Abacus Distributor SA Ghodke.

Framework = Abacus is an important medium to allay the fears of students about mathematics


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