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Gayatri Vaishampayan - Coach, Artist and Entrepreneur

Many times in life we are unaware of what the call of our destiny is.

Being born and brought up in a middle-class working family, I was surrounded by people with a conservative mindset. After my marriage, I got an opportunity to stay in the United States for a few years. There, I met fearless, self-reliant, strong Indian women who took great strides in an independent and progressive environment. That inspired me to change my attitude and vision, which also unfolded new dimensions of thoughts.

Sacrifice and cooperation is a part and parcel of a married Indian woman's life. She has to face many hardships and struggles in many ways because as we all know, the family building is not a very easy job and it requires a lot of love, care, and patience. And this all describes my married life .

My husband has a huge passion for Hindustani (Indian) music and he started to feel the lure of our homeland soon after we shifted abroad. Hence, we came back to India forever after wrapping up our work in the US. My husband Rajendra decided to quit his well-established job in the software field and decided to pursue a career in the field of music. My son was born in the United States, and shortly after that, our second child, that is our company 'Sonic Octaves Art Media and Entertainment Company' came to life.

Twelve years after I graduated . after a long gap,I got a job in the field of civil engineering which I decided to continue in order to support my husband's new business. Post marriage, I achieved my Master Degree along with my family responsibilities, my job as well as the responsibilities of our company.

Now coming to our company, 2009 was the era of CDs. We sold the CD Balsanskar which was my ideation for the first time at a school exhibition and this was our first step towards success. It was the most popular CD in the exhibition. Bal Sanskar did really well and hence we translated the same into many languages. This CD motivated us to work even more by giving us thousands of subscribers on our YouTube channel.

Sonic Octaves entered the audio world and with the help of many quality channels like Sonic Shraddha, Sonic Kids, and, Sonic Music as well as our qualitative content, our will to achieve perfection and excellence in mixing, editing, and recording, the name of our studio spread across the country. Many of our listeners told us how our audios gave them the hope to live with positivity, happiness and be at peace during the recent corona pandemic period.

After the period of exhibitions and sales, we are now in the era of mobile applications. Hence, we stepped into a new medium which was audiobooks Our app came to be known as iPustak.

We published many books in the regional language Marathi in the audio form.

We published an audio magazine named Sushravya as the first audio monthly magazine in India.' Ankur ' a kids magazine was also published on our app soon after.

I received an opportunity to work as the Editor-in-Chief and came in close contact with people and organizations working in various fields.

I started working for marketing and selling the products first on an offline physical platform and now digitally .I personally also look into media, publicity, and workshop-related communication for our company

Earlier, I have also worked as an anchor, interviewer, author, poet, and actor which has also helped me get to where I am today.

I will say this, getting here was not easy.

There were many physical, mental as well as financial difficulties. I had to overcome stress and fight major physical illnesses too. Many obstacles tried to hinder my progress. But all this made me stronger as a person and more focused on my goal and what I wanted to do with my life.

Since I was also working in the field of teaching and counseling, I had many experiences while guiding the students and also their parents. From these experiences I learned to understand people better and how to overcome difficulties. Even though I had a lot of things to pursue together, which were my education and research in psychology, working as a counselor and coordinator, as a teacher, and shouldering family responsibilities; I never felt overburdened or limited because all these were things I loved doing.

Today, Founder and Director . That inspired me to change my attitude and vision,part and parcel, my husband along with Director Mayank Parmar our whole ' Sonic Octaves' team is passionately and sincerely working hard to realize our goals and dreams. We are always open to new ideas and upcoming technology. I will say it's just started and we all enjoy our rides well-wishers.With blessings of almighty , the support of close family , relatives friends and well wishers we have reached upto this remarkable position.

About TZP Maa Award


Today I have a Facebook group called Ankur and some awards have even acknowledged my work. The TZP education and entrepreneur Maa award through Sejal Ray's Taare Zameen Par group has given me the strength to do more. I thank Sejal Ray. I personally thank especially my husband well-wishers, my beloved child, well-wishersand my close family, my friends , well wishers n my journey. Thankful to Pranjali Bade for helping in translating my article in English,. I want to take this journey on the path of perpetual creativity. Maybe along the way I’ll find a few more in hand and mine will give me a different identity.

Message to all -


There are ups and downs in life .But the team spirit is more important to sustain and grow .And the emotion 'We' is always powerful and important than single 'I'

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