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Join the trend of VFX with Arena Animation

Visual effects or VFX has taken the viewing experience to another level. Today, movies, shows or advertisements are incomplete without visual effects, which showcase extraordinary visuals to the audiences and create an immersive experience.

In recent times, it is VFX that was behind the mammoth success of movies like Avengers and shows like Game of Thrones. This clearly indicates that viewers love VFX. So, every show maker or filmmaker is keen on integrating VFX. In such a scenario, there is a huge scope for proficient VFX designers. Furthermore, VFX specialists receive decent remuneration for their work. One can seize innumerable opportunities in the field by pursuing VFX courses after 10th & 12th.

Today, several colleges offer VFX design courses to train aspirants on end-to-end VFX design. However, the aspirants should pursue the course from a reputed institute that develops a clear understanding of the field and offers hands-on experience of various tools. One such institute is Arena Animation.

Arena Animation’s VFX course

Arena Animation is a reputed institute in the country that offers diverse courses in game design & development, VFX design, animation, UX/UI design, etc. It offers a VFX course that trains the candidates to become VFX specialists. It teaches all the fundamentals of VFX design and trains the candidates to exploit the most advanced tools and techniques.

VFX Prime

VFX Prime course trains individuals to add captivating Visual Effects to advertisements and TV productions. The course gives complete training to the candidates from building their fundamentals to providing knowledge of VFX tools and techniques. This comprehensive course trains the candidates of VFX filmmaking, green/blue screen, 2D & 3D animation, colour correction, audio-video editing, simulation and dynamics. Candidates also learn VFX techniques such as roto-painting, camera tracking, composting, roto-scope, keying, etc. In addition to that, candidates get hands-on experience in design software and tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Maya, Nuke, Silhouette, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

On completion of the course, the candidates would receive certificates from Arena Animation Tilak Road Pune, Internship opportunity, and Job placements in studios that work on Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

In the frame: Mr Ashish Rathi Director, Arena Animation, Tilak Road Centre, Pune 02

Benefits of Arena’s VFX course

There are several benefits of pursuing a VFX course after 12th from Arena Animation Tilak Road Pune:

·The course is based on the needs of the industry. Thus, it makes the candidates job-ready.·It offers hands-on training on VFX design tools and software.

·It is a comprehensive course that teaches right from the basics of VFX design to the use of advanced VFX techniques.

·The candidates are taught through live projects.

·It facilitates the candidates to create a portfolio in their area of interest.

·Candidates gain industry exposure through workshops.

·Students get access to Onlinevaristy, which is an e-learning platform.

·Arena also allows its students to access Creosols, a platform where they can create their portfolio.

For more details, you can visit the Website: or you can connect with Pooja Purohit, Head Of Marketing & Placement I Production Coordinator on 7447411310


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