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Arena Animation Tilak Road enjoyed Storytelling Vibes from Prachetan Potdar -Founder,Stay Featured

Stories have been implanted in you thousands of times since your mother took you on her knee. After all, a well-crafted story can even transform a seemingly hopeless situation into an unexpected triumph. Now we are heading towards a future where visual storytelling is the only way forward. And the challenge is people won’t bother having a second look if your visual story doesn’t make a mental impact.

Instead of narrating the story verbally, use animations that can give life to your storytelling. And What's the role of an Animator, VFX Artist as a Storyteller?

To have a look at this perspective, the Team of Arena Animation, Tilak Road Conducted a session "Meet Founder of Stay Featured, Prachetan Potadar"

Mr Prachetan Potadar is the one who delivered creative and engaging solutions across brand identity, print, and digital media.

Every brand has stories to tell—stories that will not only engage, inform, surprise, delight, and impact their audience, but that will also deliver on measurable business goals. And I am the conduit between brand and consumer.

He helps clients find the subject and medium that best fits their unique identity, and then I produce high-quality content that meets their objectives. His specialities include digital media, consumer behaviour, brand awareness, Ad Film Making, Creative Direction, Story Writing.

Apart From This, Prachetan is a popular host, a comic poet who loves to spread a smile.

At the Entrance, Head - Marketing and Placement - Pooja Purohit welcomed him with an amazing poster designed by Arena Students.

Later on, She introduced Mr Prachetan to Dr Sunanda Rathi, Founder of YIC-Yoga Center where he got a lot of blessings and valuable tips for the future.

After this interaction, Pooja Madam introduced Mr Prachetan Potdar to Mrs Renu Parmar - Center Head, Mr Aashish Rathi - Director, Arena Animation

In this short duration talk, Mr Ashish Rathi appreciated the growth of Stay Featured and conveyed best wishes for future

Around 2 PM, Arena Students were excited to catch up with Mr Prachetan Potadar as they saw him during an Instagram live session with their favourite Aashish Rathi Sir.

Head - Marketing and Placement - Pooja Purohit gave a formal introduction about Mr Prachetan and invited him to speak.

Though he is proficient in Hindi poems and English Vocabulary, Mr Prachetan Prefered to interact in Marathi after asking a few questions to students.

He congratulated students for joining Arena Animation for learning extraordinary visuals and creating an immersive experience.

Mr Prachetan demonstrated how the storyteller connects with the audience when there is no PAGE between them through his comic timing and relevant examples which helped everyone to stay focused on the moral.

Understanding how to tell a story effectively is a great skill to have, both personally and professionally; it’s also a great confidence builder for those moments you feel a little bit nervous or unsure., to elaborate this point He took an example of Instagram reels and motivated students to promote their creative showcase on different wings of social media.

He emphasised a word decision from time to time to show how Storytelling has been around as long as humankind?.

Why is one the most effective ways to communicate an important truth to another person? It is a connection point between two people.

Why It gives meaning, context, and understanding in a world that is often filled with chaos and disorder. Because of this, educators must use stories if they hope to reach their students.

During this session, Mr Prachetan made everyone laugh from time to time, without losing focus over a topic.

He said, " if you to be a storyteller first find what, why, where, how, then adopt a suitable method and then skill and 'presentation 'mode.".

On a closing note, he was surprised by the sudden arrival and wonderful felicitation from Mr Aashish Rathi, Mrs Renu Parmar.

For this session Mr Ravindra Patil,Kajal Omble,Anuradha Minde,Apeksha Kale

Priyanka Koli, Pooja Purohit took valuable efforts

Students were damn excited for group selfie when Mr Aashish asked for it

Mr Prachetan Potdar had received tremendous feedback from the students,

Here are some of them

Pramod Jarhad - “Very interactive session and felt like talking to a friend”

Alumni and faculty members of the Institute Responded

"The session was interactive as Prachetan Sir made the students very comfortable and gave a brief idea on Storytelling and explaining Characters, all the Why’s, What’s, When’s related to storytelling.

He explained and also praised the institute for its unique way of handling students and its originality.

He showed his way elaborated on Career and the Animation, VFX field and also that its scope is not limited till India but also in the foreign countries."

Nikhil Kulkarni & Prathamesh Raut: “Explained in detail about Storytelling and very informative.”

In all, a new aspect and vision on the Storytelling and in the field of Animation was given to Students and how social media is also effective in reaching maximum people in this field.

Today, several colleges offer VFX design courses to train aspirants on end-to-end VFX design. However, the aspirants should pursue the course from a reputed institute that develops a clear understanding of the field and offers hands-on experience of various tools. One such institute is Arena Animation
- Prachetan Potdar, Founder Stay Featured

For more details, you can visit the Website: or you can connect with Pooja Purohit, Head Of Marketing & Placement I Production Coordinator on 7447411310

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Durga Borude
Durga Borude
Jan 25, 2022

Wow..... It's just amazing to know that students are enjoying your sessions so much. I hope that you may receive such a opportunities throughout & keep sharing your knowledge with many more.....

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