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EduCrack, an EdTech platform declines INR 20 Crore funding in order to stay out of the valuation gam

The EdTech industry in India is a billion-dollar industry and according to reports, the industry has also been one of the biggest job creators in the past few years. However, talks around the future of this industry have risen and questions about its success and failure are more prevalent than ever before. Whether this industry is going to boom up the economy in days to come or not can be a topic of discussion for another day, an EdTech company that is making news and has taken a bold step is EduCrack as they have recently announced having declined funding of INR 20 Crores from Chepall Technologies Private Limited Pune. The organization further added that they do not wish to compromise on the quality of education and believes that the way forward would be by not being in the valuation game but in the value ecosystem.