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Dr C. Sharat Babu honoured with the Rotarian Recognition award

Dr C. Sharat Babu, Managing Partner of Sharat Maxivision Eye Hospitals has been honoured with the Rotarian Recognition award for his outstanding achievement in the field of medicine –Ophthalmology by Rotary International. Dr Sharat Babu has been felicitated at a conference of Rotary International (District 3150) in the city. K.Prabhakar – District Governor - Rotary International (District 3150) handed over the certificate of excellence to Dr Sharat on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion Dr C. Sharat Babu, Managing partner of Sharat Maxivision Eye Hospitals said, We started our journey as Sharat Laser Eye Hospital in 1993 as part of an Integrated Rural Development Model in the remote rural area of Erstwhile Warangal district of Telangana, India and have been on the path to comprehensive and quality eye care since then. We also achieved the distinction of being the first and the only centre to provide ophthalmic subspecialty treatment in Telangana districts.

Sharat Maxivision Eye Hospital is a pioneer in actively translating all the public health principles and concepts through promoting a “Comprehensive Rural Health Model " for the last 30 years in rural Telangana, India with a mission to “serve the rural poor & marginalized sections of society”.

Photo1: Left to right: PDG Ratna Prabhakar A, District Governor K Prabhakar, PDG Dr C Sharat Babu, PDG Ravi Vadlamani 

In 2019 October we made a giant leap in our endeavour of providing healthy eye care by merging our Sharat Eye Hospital with Maxivision Eye Hospitals, one of the leading super speciality eye care networks in South India. We are now under the name Dr Sharat Maxivision Eye Hospitals LLP. We are currently serving in Warangal, Karimnagar, Khammam and this year we are coming up with 2 more tertiary care centres and 6 Secondary centres. We are very happy to get associated with Operational Eyesight Universal, Canada Under this association we have established 6 Vision Centres 1. Mulkanoor and 2.Kothakonda, 3.Mulugu, 4. Asifabad, 5.Narsampet and 6.Parkal delivers primary eye care for the needy and comes up with 50 vision centres in Telangana in the next 3 years.

We have adopted 44 villages in and around the Warangal district where we have performed approximately appx 17,000 free Cataract surgeries to date. We have declared 16 villages as the Avoidable blind free villages and 8 are in pipeline to be declared.

Photo2: Left to right: District Governor K Prabhakar felicitating PDG Dr C Sharat Babu, PDG Ravi Vadlamani also seen in the picture

Avoidable blindness free village is a concept that has been developed, tested and achieved by Operation Eyesight which ensures that all villagers irrespective of gender, caste and creed are provided with an opportunity to undergo eye check-ups and treated for curable eye conditions and regain their lost vision, a project team consisting Community Health Workers (CHWs), Project Coordinator and optometrist who are selected from the project area and trained in the eye and general health care include the methodology of conducting door to door survey, identify eye problems, behaviour change communication etc. The project covers a target population of 1-1.5 lakhs and continues to provide eye health services for 4 years till all the villages are declared as avoidable blindness free villages.

As a result of the project intervention in these underserved areas, the target communities were benefitted through various activities from the project. This in turn led to the elimination of “Avoidable Blindness Free Villages” (ABFV) in some of the underserved areas of rural Telangana.

In 2019 We have started Community Based Diabetic Retinopathy (CBDR) Project and did the staff recruitment, training and did the 50% of the population survey in the Warangal district which we have resumed last year due to covid-19 pandemic.


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