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Meet Achiever Of The Week : Dr. Tania Simmons from Columbus, Ohio, USA

Team Stay Featured is Extremely Happy to declare Dr Tania Simmons from the USA as Positive Thoughts Achiever Of The Week

She is a well known and respected Global Entrepreneur, International Humanitarian, Empowerment Speaker and Professional Educator.

She is also the International Director for Positive Thoughts Consulting & Training Solutions.

Dr Tania Simmons has carried the vision of Healing for The Nations, Inc in her heart for more than 20 years. She helps train, equip, empower people in various nations. This vision was birthed through much pain after the loss of her first husband and wanting to make a difference through the love of God, compassion, and strategic impact amongst developing nations.

Dr Tania Simmons has been involved with multiple humanitarian relief projects throughout the world some of those including Haiti, Ukraine, the USA, and Pakistan.

She is the founder of Healing for The Nations and brings forth the global vision with the help of global partners internationally. She is also the appointed head chancellor of The Breakthrough Seminary University registered in Africa, the UK and other nations. She has been in healthcare as a registered nurse for more than 25 years. As a professor of nursing, raising the next generation of leaders in the nursing field has been extremely important to her heart as well. During these times it is imperative that we give back with passion and love for others.

She also is the founder of Global Empowerment Firm which empowers through online workshops, challenges, and education. As a member of the P.O.W.E.R. women of excellence community as well as The Strathmore’s Who Worldwide of business leaders. She believes in helping people through a spirit of excellence. She is a keynote speaker, Author, Global Change Agent, Business Executive Coach and Chancellor of Breakthrough Theological University. She has been in academia and health care for more than 25 years with a neuroscience oncology background. She also has been awarded many Global Awards for business, education and humanitarian efforts from different nations. One of which is The Global

Humanitarian Award for 2021 from the ambassador of Yemen. She also serves as country director for two Global educational platforms representing the USA.

There are people that are truly suffering, in every way which may include hunger, lack of medical care or access, sexual abuse, sex child trafficking these initiatives are just some of which Healing for The Nations help with. Some of the initiatives that she developed with the help of various partnerships have been clean water by implementing water wells in a remote village of Sindh. In this remote village, the women and children were walking miles for clean water, and some of them were very afraid due to the real possibility of being taken and sold into the slavery of all forms. She helped establish a water well there which brought clean water for the village people. A second initiative that is in place is meeting their physical needs via medical care, dental care, and multiple feeding programs in order to help with the need for food and the overall well-being of the people there in Sindh. She has distributed food for over 500 families in multiple areas of Pakistan to bring real hope during these times. She continues to help families with multiple feeding programs given with the help of her donors.

Another initiative has been education for children due to this extreme need in developing countries She has established in Sindh, a mission school for over 68 children currently. Here these children have received book bags, books, and writing materials, as well as a safe place to come and receive snacks all while learning. This is extremely important because it gives the children a chance and hope for a much brighter future that otherwise, they may not have which is hope through education. The children currently are thriving in this environment and updates are given regularly concerning their progress. The land has been donated at this time for the mission school and there will be more to come as well for other villages.

Healing for The Nations has a mass vision and their mission is growing daily with global impact and real change being evident in the betterment of the lives of people all over the world with love in action.

Another project is the building of orphanages that will be a true safe haven for the children as well as a place of love and welcome. There is also a global empowerment centre being developed for women who are in of learning a new skill set in order to help their family’s socioeconomically. These are just some of her global initiatives and projects being established to maximize transformational change to families, cities, and nations at this time.

Note from Dr Tania Simmons -

Thank you for your love, time, and passion to partner with us in bringing real sustainable change to these nations. Much love and thank you for your help in helping others.


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