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Dr Anthony Vipin Das and Vidushi Duggal: “Around the World in Magnets”

.The well-known Eye Surgeon Dr Anthony Vipin Das and Vidushi Duggal, Writer and Content Creator, both from Hyderabad have embarked on a unique journey. A journey of exploring the world through Souvenir Magnets. And from those journeys and the magnets they collected from each city, they penned a unique book "Around the world in magnets. The book was formally launched on Saturday in a function held in a city hotel in Banjara Hills.

They collected about 370 magnets from 40 countries over 14 years. Writing a book was never there in their wildest dreams. They saw a bigger story when they put all the magnets on the wall. That is when an idea struck that this should go into the hands of the people who love to explore the world.

We are excited to bring this book, which is now in your hands so that you can enjoy and discover as much as we did, the places we went to and also celebrate the cultures of the world, Vidushi Duggal, Co-Author of the book says.

The book, which is now available online on Amazon, is a compilation of travel magnets from across the world and the gateway to exploring the world in a unique way. We hope to build a Community around the book and spark engaging conversations, they declared at the formal launch of the book.

The book gives insights into Travel Magnets, and why they are so important. Magnets are common collectable items and many travellers bring back these little pieces from their explorative journeys. The book is a collection of some of the most unique magnets from around the world.

The book also gives personal experiences of the place, its history, and the authors' cherished memories of the place. It also offers an insight into the different places in and around a site that one can visit and explore. It also explores some of the wonderful UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

It is the first part of the compilation of magnets and memories. And it is the first step towards a travel movement like no other. Once you browse the book, you will be excited to explore every corner of the world. Around the world in Magnets is the gateway to exploring the world in a very new and different way.

We had a look at the magnitude of the wall and we started realising that there was a lot of history, culture and art. With one glimpse you are taken to a different country and region. These are not just small pieces of magnets, but there is also a lot of emotion attached to them. It is a new way of discovering and exploring the world, Dr Vipin added.

We bring a unique and unusual way to experience this magnificent world, they wrote in their preface of the book.

'During our travels, we brought back a small piece of the place we visited in the form of a magnet. Each magnet has an amazing story tied to it and offers significant insight into the place we visited' Dr Anthony Vipin and Vidushi wrote in the preface.

This book is not the end. Our journey goes on. We continue to discover more countries in the years to come. We hope to grow our collection and spark a travel movement like never before, they added

Dr Vipin, though a busy eye surgeon at L V Prasad Eye Institute and TED senior fellow, is an explorer at heart. He is all about discovering new cultures across the world. He is going through the long list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites worldwide, one at a time.

It took three years, several iterations and a lot of recollection of travel stories for the book to come to life and everyone the two authors shared the idea with was not only intrigued by it but also excited to see how a small piece can symbolise an entire region.

The book has a high-resolution picture of the magnet with the location details on one side and the personal story of the journey on the other. It also has a brief description of the place and more things to explore in and around the region.

Collecting magnets is a hobby for many. It is a good hobby. Many love magnets. They are small, unique, look good, and are colourful. They don't take up much space in a suitcase. They are designed in the style of the city or location. There are many memomagnetist (collectors of travel magnets). And their hobby ends with the collection. The author's collection of travel magnets is now serving a different purpose. The unique way to see the world without stepping out of your comfort zone.

The book was first introduced at the Hyderabad Literary Festival in January 2023 and is finally launched on Saturday

Around the World in Magnets is all set to inspire travellers all over the world. A must-pick for every travel enthusiast and geek.


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