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An outlook on " Introduction to Sustainable Development Goals " - a book by Dr Pratik Mungekar

There is a huge strategy capacity and skills gap needed to be closed for us to accelerate the successful implementation of sustainable development goals and bring our planet back on the sustainable path.

Sustainable Development aims to bring a balance between meeting the requirements of what the present demands while not overlooking the needs of future generations.

Sustainable development is all about creating new technology, companies and the environment, without causing harm to the environment.

The author, Dr Pratik Mungekar put everything linked with us through the book and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and focuses on key areas to protect people and the planet.

This book is now part of the Atlantean Education Program.

Another uniqueness of " Introduction to Sustainable Development Goals" simplifies complex terms to first-time readers who are yet to explore these kinds of topics.

The idea behind the book is to always introduce the approach at the present conditions without paying heed to what its impact may be on the future and the generations to come.

While Communicating with Dr Pratik Mungekar, he opened up like this

"I am happy to share that on 24th October on the occasion of United Nations Day celebrations my book Introduction to Sustainable Development Goals has been launched in Hyderabad & within 10days my book has got 2 International Recognitions. Best Diwali gift ever.
1. Letter of Commendation from Institute of Leadership and Peace (ILP), Manila Philippines 🇵🇭
Heartfelt gratitude to the founding Chairman Honourable Sir Dr. Emmanuel M. Cabusao, DPRJ, PASMU PGEA PYPMT for the prestigious recognition and blessings.
2.International Institutional Award from The International Literary Cultural Community 🇨🇴 Colombia,South America.
(Translation: The International Literary Cultural Community presents this institutional award for its dedication and perseverance, carrying out the arts as the scene of peace and tranquility, its talent continues to grow, and your triumphs each day you harvest with dedication.)
Heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Cristian Camilo Serna Villada sir for giving me this international recognition and blessings.
This has been possible only due to the blessings and guidance of my Parents and gurus".

Dr Pratik Mungekar with his guru World Renowned Scientist, Padma Vibhushan Dr Raghunath Mashelkar  

The author is successful to convey in easy words with deep meaning.

  • What is sustainable development?

  • What does sustainable development focus on?

  • Why is it useful for the environment?

It's always difficult to wrap up all the key points you have mentioned in your book and provide some important suggestions to implement sustainable development.

Dr Pratik Mungekar managed the length of the book along with the motto so well.

There is an increasing understanding that sustainable development needs a paradigm shift in our understanding of the interaction between the real economy and quality of life.

There would be many social, environmental and economic benefits in changing our current model. and adapting it with the inclusion of SDG.

Hence, Introduction to Sustainable Development Goals gives the correct idea about the science of making change.

We, Team Stay Featured Congratulate Author Dr Pratik Mungekar & Nitya Publications for taking this concept in front of us in an understandable manner.

To know more about the book,

The book is now available on Amazon. So hurry up and grab your copy by clicking on the link below.


Nitya Publication Link :


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