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'Non-Fiction Woman Writer of The Year Award 2023’: What Comes After Marriage? by Ananya Anurag Anand

Ms Ananya Anurag Anand has recently been awarded the ‘Non-Fiction Woman Writer of The Year Award 2023’ by Ukiyoto Publishing in the Kolkata Literary Carnival, for her book ‘What Comes After Marriage?: Unsheathing The Mask of Romanticized Ever- after’

“Will I be able to continue leading an independent life after marriage?” is a question that women still ask themselves. But... the question here is why? And for how many more generations will this continue? Because we are undoubtedly passing this mentality on to the next generations one by one, how ashamed should we be of ourselves? How bitter it is to know that a world where we talk about equality and justice is still hollow from the inside!

Even when a woman marries the man of her choice, there are still many unnecessary problems she is made to face. These problems result from the stringent narrow-minded attitude of both men and women in society. When a broad-minded woman speaks, various men and other women try to suppress her. But let me tell you, it isn’t difficult to make things equally simpler for a woman, and if you want to know how then this book is the right place for you!

The author has shared interviews with around ten different women showcasing the

problems faced by them as a part of a new family and society. Through her own story, the author has tried to bring forth the practicality of how a man and his family can keep things regular for a woman, and not behave rudely or indifferently towards her! Even in the case of a love affair, what initially seems likeke a fairy tale starts seeming like a nightmare when the question of marrying arises, but only in a few cases the love remains until the end.

Why is the beautiful bond of marriage, an ever-lasting promise to take care of each other, questioned? Why have we started fearing this bond? Can a happy married life last forever? This book

answers it all!


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