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EduDrone's Teachers Got Talent - Season - 2 witnessed 200 educators, 60 Schools and 20 winners

EduDrone-We Connect, dedicated to enhancing educators and the education community, proudly announced the launch of the second edition of 'Teachers Got Talent.' This event, held on November 26th, 2023, stood as a beacon of inspiration and celebrated the ingenuity and commitment of teachers.

The day commenced with an enthusiastic welcome by the host, setting the stage for a day filled with learning and appreciation for the teaching profession. Esteemed guests and judges, including Ms. Nivedita Madkikar and Mr. Siddharth Rajgarhai, lit the ceremonial lamp, symbolizing the event's inauguration.

Dr. Kajal Chhatija, Founder and Director of EdDrone-We Connect, introduced the event's vision and inception. The presentations kicked off with Group 1's teachers displaying innovative paper presentations integrating art, setting a high standard for creativity.

Groups 2, 3, and 4 followed suit, showcasing exceptional skills and dedication across different grade levels. The judges, including notable figures like Ms. Ispita Rodrick and Dr. Harshita Sharma, provided insightful feedback, enriching the participants' learning experiences.

The event not only showcased academic prowess but also encompassed diverse talents. Performances ranged from Bharatnatyam demonstrations explaining the muscular system to meditative sessions and captivating puppetry.

Partner presentations by Aerobay, Golden Sparrow, Theatrica, Plaeto, Torrins, Apsara and GOAPI, added depth to the educational discussions while OMOTEC was represented by the group of students showcasing their robot wowed audience.

The pinnacle of the event was the unveiling of 'Rise and Shine,' a book conceptualized by Dr. Kajal Chhatija and Mr. Sanjay Chhatija, which highlighted the journey of leaders from various fields, inspiring the audience with tales of resilience and success.

The winners in the different groups were:

Group1 (Grades L.K.G. to Grade 2)

1st Position: Ms. Shubhada,Oxford World School

2nd Position: Ms. Preeti- ICIS

3rd Position: Ms. Silky- Growing Kidz

Judges Choice: Afreen-Cocomeliom K.

Group 2 (Grades 3 to Grade 5)

1st Position: Ms.Chandrani-The Orchid School, Pune

2nd Position: Shilpa-Vishwakalyan School

3rd Position: Ms.Pragya-Navodaya Central School, Raichur

Judges Choice: Ms.Piyusha-EON GEMS

Group 3 (Grades 6 to Grade 8)

1st Position: Ms.Nisha-Dnyanbhakti IS

2nd Position: Ms.Ananya-GK Gurukul

3rd Position: Ms. Anisa-Rewachand Bhojwani Academy

Judges Choice:Ms.Bharti-SPS

Group 4 (Grades 9 to Grade 12)

1st Position: Ms.Rekha-PDEA's School

2nd Position: Mr.Sahil- MTES

3rd Position: Ms.Meenakshi-Vibgyor, Mumbai

Judges Choice: Ms. Hema-Beacon HS

The day concluded with a group photo and a relaxing Hi-Tea accompanied by soulful music, fostering a sense of community among participants, judges, and attendees, marking the event as a resounding success.


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