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Fly High by Soumita Saha and DJ Simon G is ruling the charts

In a trailblazing collaboration, "Fly High," is a beguiling musical fusion that brings together the conspicuous talents, Indian Singer and music composer Soumita Saha with the dynamic Music Producer DJ Simon G for the very first time. 'Fly High' has crossed 10K+ streams on Spotify in just a few days of its digital audio release.

Soumita's memorable experiment with EDM in her previous project almost stirred the musical niche. Now the musical sensation unites with DJ Simon G for their revolutionary project " Fly High ". Fly High is an English original transcending smoothly through Pulsating beats of Dance music amalgamating into Tilana flawlessly. Fly High is written and composed by DJ Simon G, the song introduces the audience to the infectious melody and unforgettable groove that is all set to conquer hearts.

Fly High is streaming on all major music streaming platforms. The illustrated Music video featuring DJ Simon G and Soumita shall released from Melotune's official YouTube Channel on 4th December. Renowned illustrator Debarati De has done Album Art and music video's illustrated animation. The song has been mixed and mastered by Ritesh Roy. Fly High has been beautifully rendered by Soumita. EDM being her forte the singer is buoyant about her new project FLY HIGH. The EDM Queen adds " I have been exploring EDM since 2017 officially, probably in India the fan base started sprouting around mid-2019 for this genre. Being a fusion enthusiast I have witnessed the North Indian style of Hindustani classical fusing with EDM for Yaad Piya Ki. Now it's time to witness how the audience accepts EDM blending with Carnatic Tilana for Fly High. " Soumita's English originals 'Play The Tune' and 'Savage Side' gained remarkable appreciation from listeners. Soumita is a renowned playback singer in India known mostly for her contribution to various fields of music.

The song has also earned itself a a red 'fire sign' of popularity on the Meta Music library as many people use this groovy number to make reels. The singer adds " I was unversed about this fire sign thing, now after Savage Side and Play The Tune when I found the same fire sign besides Fly High I was super happy...this time surely I know what it means and then my heart with pleasure fills, and dances with the daffodils ". Soumita is a Wordsworth person who concludes her feelings by quoting his lines. The song is a lyrical tour de force cornerstone mainly on despondency of heartbreak that ends on a note of assuring resurgence of self-growth. The song itself is the epitome of optimism. DJ Simon G. and Soumita are nurturing enormous hope for the success of Fly High. The trailer was released on Melotune's27th Nov, while the music video is releasing on dec 4th from Melotunes official YouTube Channel.


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