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Daksha 3.0, a nation-level techno-test organised by Anurag University concluded

Anurag University, a pioneer in innovative education, emphasizes the critical role of 'Problem-solving as the most sought-after skill in the current decade, according to the World Economic Skill Report 2025. The report signifies a paradigm shift, marking 'Problem Solving' as not only desirable but now mandatory in the professional landscape.

G Vishnu Murthy, the Dean of Anurag University, addressed the audience during the valedictory function of the two-day techno festival, Daksha. He underscored the importance of skills such as analytical thinking and innovation, complex problem-solving, critical thinking and analysis, creativity, originality and initiative, reasoning, problem-solving, and ideation for graduating students. Murthy further highlighted the significance of experiential learning in acquiring problem-solving skills.

Anurag University has been a frontrunner in integrating experiential learning into its curriculum. The institution awards one or two credits based on students' participation in extra-curricular activities like the techno festival, Daksha.

Hanu Yedluri, CEO of InstaEMI, and the Chief Guest at the event, encouraged attendees to become leaders through experiential learning. He emphasized the transformative power of hands-on experiences in shaping future leaders.

Mani Kant, Senior Consultant at Microsoft and the guest of honor, emphasized the continuous nature of learning. He urged students to think differently and glean knowledge from diverse resources beyond formal college education.

Techno-Cultural Fest DAKSHA-3.0, initiated in the academic year 2021-2022, aimed to bring undergraduates from across the country together to network and compete. In its third edition, Daksha showcased young talents from over 120 colleges and universities nationwide, fostering a collaborative spirit

The theme of the 3rd edition, "Explore Today Inspire Tomorrow," underscored the fest's objective to create connections among students from different institutions and test their skills across various fields. DAKSHA-3.0 featured a diverse array of events, including Project Expo, Paper and Poster presentations, Literary and Skill Events, Startup Expo, Technical Quiz, Musical events, Art Competitions, Blind Art, Tug of War, Tambola Thrill, and more.


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