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Anifest India 2024 Sets Pune Ablaze with Creativity and Innovation: A Milestone 16th Edition

Pune, February 15, 2024 - The vibrant city of Pune witnessed an explosion of creativity as the 16th edition of the International Animation Festival, Anifest India, unfolded on February 10-11, 2024, at the sprawling MIT-WPU, Kothrud Campus. Boasting 2 full days, 55 dynamic speakers, participants from 40+ esteemed design & animation schools, and a staggering 1600 attendees, the festival marked a pivotal moment in the animation community.

"Animating Unity, Inspiring Creativity"

The grand inaugural ceremony, graced by Shri. Rahul V Karad, Managing Trustee & Executive President of MAEER's MIT Group of Institutions, underscored the significance of community efforts. Ranjit Singh ‘Tony,’ Founder Trustee and Director of TASI Animation Association, highlighted the unique voluntary contributions of each member, ensuring that 100% of funds raised reverberate back into the community.

Anifest India, recognized by the Maharashtra Government, stands out as one of the 5 premier international animation festivals. Its 16th edition, a testament to 20 years of dedication, witnessed unprecedented growth, with competing entities generously supporting its success.

A Festival of Firsts

This edition marked several firsts, including the festival's relocation to Pune, a revamped format with multiple tracks, a dedicated portfolio review track, and an exhibition stall section. The inauguration featured a mesmerizing drum circle involving 100 drums played in unison, setting an unprecedented rhythm for the festival.

Global Icons, Innovative Workshops, and Exclusive Tracks

Anifest India 24 featured Oscar-nominated directors, National award-winning filmmakers, and industry experts providing live demonstrations and hands-on workshops. With tracks ranging from Filmmaking and Visual Effects to Gaming and Portfolio Reviews, TASI's focus on content curation ensured real value for attendees.

Interactive Sessions and Thought-Provoking Discussions

The festival delved into case studies of blockbuster movies, explored the emergence of Virtual Production, and hosted panel discussions on Indie Animation, challenges for indigenous content creators, the impact of AI on the art world, and sustaining independent studios. Interactive sessions and dedicated Q&A time allowed the audience to engage with industry leaders.

Ram Mohan Viewers' Choice Awards: An Unparalleled Experience

A highlight of Anifest India, the Ram Mohan Viewers' Choice Awards, saw the introduction of an electronic voting system for instantaneous results. The exhibitions showcased cutting-edge technology products by leading global companies, providing a glimpse into the future of animation.

About TASI Animation Association

Formed as a non-profit organization in 2001, TASI Animation Association has played a pivotal role in curating content for over 500 sessions and organizing 15 annual multi-day festivals. With no paid members, TASI remains dedicated to fostering creativity and innovation in the animation community.

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