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CVMD's VWO Awards 2023: a resounding success for honoring the exceptional contributions of women

CVMD's VWO Awards 2023 celebrated the outstanding achievements of 52 women from various states in India. The event was held at the prestigious Zaika Orchid and Banquet Hall in Bhayandar West, Mumbai, and was attended by numerous notable personalities from different walks of life.

News Courtesy : CVMD Reporter

Ms.Rachaita Chakraborty

(Writer and Freelance Blogger)

Founder Mrs. Rachana Chakraborty and Co-Founder Miss Ria Chakraborty were delighted with the response to the event. Their mission is to spread smiles and empower women emotionally, a goal they will continue to pursue in the future.

The VWo Awards 2023 attracted awardees from several states, including Gujarat, Assam, Kolkata, Punjab, and Madhya Pradesh. Nikki Pareira, Dr. Priti Srimal, Opinder Kaur Bhasin, Dr. Snigdha Kadam, Mrs. Anindita Ganguly, Mrs. Devmala Chowdhury, Monjoyee Sarma, and Miss Yasheeta Shahoo were among the recipients of the prestigious awards.

The event's chief guests, guest of honor, and celebrity guests included Commander Prabha Lall, Shamim Yunus Dhamaskar, and Dr. Sharmila Pandey, respectively. Special guests Dr. Mrs. Swati Jaydeep Khaire, Dr. Mrs. Ujjwala Zahre, Prof. Julie Marathe, Asma Kapadia, and Vidhi Makhija graced the occasion.

The VWO Awards 2023 also featured a panel discussion on mental health in women, with prominent women leaders sharing their thoughts and experiences. The audience actively participated in the discussion, highlighting the importance of mental health awareness in today's world.

The event culminated in a beauty with brain ramp walk, led by versatile team leaders Ms. Nandini Roychoudhary and Ms. Pinky Paul, where the awardees showcased their grace and elegance.

Founder and mentor Mrs. Rachana Chakraborty hosted the event, and in conversation with the team, the co-founder quoted, "VWO Awards 2023 was nothing less than a dream turned into reality executed by precision." The event provided a non-judgmental platform for talented and versatile women, creating an unforgettable experience for all.

CVMD's VWO Awards 2023 was a resounding success, recognizing and honoring the exceptional contributions of women from different backgrounds. Team Stay Featured congratulate all the awardees and hope that CVMD continues to empower and support women in their future endeavors.


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