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Confessions of a Corporate Lawyer: Arunima Jha

I have always envisioned fast-paced city life, magnificent departments, expensive dinners with Clients, just like Harvey Specter from Suits? Caffeine-fueled nights from plush offices overlooking Marine Drive. But what is it like? The horror stories of all-nighters and weekends spent on contractual fine prints and expectations to achieve more than is humanly possible.

So if you wanna experience the sexier side of international clients working on innovative projects, you need to indulge in painstaking due diligence, proofreading and it does get frustrating but you have to present your best self.

So, if you ask me to what degree of Harvey Specter I have achieved? My answer would be:

Well, we both got great looks but my job isn't that dramatic always like it is at Pearson Specter Litt. I do have moments of drama but it isn't that frequent. These are business-critical situations requiring business-critical advice. These might range from anti-bribery, corruption issues to employment disputes and that's where a corporate lawyer is brought into the picture to assess if there are any legal risks involved and how to mitigate those risks, to make sure it doesn't happen again.

As a corporate lawyer, you are expected to familiarize yourself with documentation drafting and formal submissions. Most of my time at work requires me to respond to e-mails and attend back-to-back meetings. Sometimes you won't even get time to have lunch away from your desk.

I honestly believe that life isn't black and white. There are always ethical versus yoke kinds of issues at work but if you're passionate enough you will see your work bringing some of the most meaningful changes.

Happy Monday!

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