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CoinDCX Go to be Co-Presenting sponsor of the World Test Championship Final on Disney+ Hotstar.

CoinDCX Go, India’s Simplest Bitcoin App, will be the Co-Presenting Sponsor for Live-streaming of the upcoming inaugural World Test Championship Final on Disney+ Hotstar. The match between India and New Zealand will commence at Southampton on 18th June 20strategy21. CoinDCX Go, the Investment Product from CoinDCX, with its over 2 Million User Base, wants to tap into the growing interest in Crypto Investing in India.

The final will be a landmark game of cricket as the first-ever summit clash in the newly constituted World Test Championship and as a result expected to generate a lot of buzz and excitement amongst cricket fans across the country. 50% of India’s cricket viewing audience is under the age of 30 as per an estimate from BARC and many of them are likely to tune into the tournament to watch India in the final. This partnership with Disney+ Hotstar provides CoinDCX with a great opportunity to generate extensive visibility and boost brand recall amongst those young cricket viewers for its investment app CoinDCX Go.

“At CoinDCX, part of its #TryCrypto mission aims to bring crypto assets to the masses. CoinDCX Go, our flagship product has been built for large-scale adoption, and partnering with such a massive event is a major step in this direction. The WTC Final has been seeing immense interest and the majority of Indians would be glued in. This helps us showcase the simplicity and safety message of CoinDCX Go to the audience.” - Ramalingam Subramanian, Head of Marketing & Communications.

CoinDCX has been a pioneering player in the crypto space in India with a vision to make crypto accessible to Indians. The WTC Final Partnership should further help CoinDCX in creating awareness and educating retail investors about Cryptocurrency as an asset class. CoinDCX Go intends to be the safest & simplest crypto investing app in India and targeting cricket fans across the country will help them position their brand strategically to grow further.


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