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Ybarra Scholars & Fellows Society Conferred Prof. Dr. Anupriya Gawade as Ybarra Ambassador to India

TAGAYTAY CITY, PHILIPPINES — In a grand ceremony held at the prestigious Tagaytay Haven Hotel and Resort's Grand Ballroom, the Ybarra Scholars and Fellows Society, the educational and scholastic arm of Baptist Ministers Advocates of the Philippines, celebrated the 38th Conferment and Awarding of Honorary Degrees. The International Committee bestowed the esteemed title of Ybarra Ambassador to India upon Prof. Dr. Anupriya Amitkumar Gawade, recognizing her exemplary contributions to education, child protection, and rights advocacy.

Prof. Dr. Anupriya Amitkumar Gawade, known as a Child Ambassador and Emissary to the Ybarra Scholars and Fellows Society, received the distinguished honor during the ceremony held on June 18, 2023. The Diplomat was presented at the recommendation and nomination of international offices, including Theophany International University in Haiti and Algilani Foundation Center for Excellence ISO 9001:2015 in India.

Anupriya's impressive journey has been chronicled in publications such as "Rising Superstars of India," where she is hailed as a prodigy among prodigies. Her exceptional talents extend beyond academia, encompassing co-curricular activities, sports, and impactful social work. Anupriya's dedication to social causes is evident through her generous donations of books and essential supplies to underprivileged children.

The Ybarra Ambassadorial Candidacy bestowed upon Prof. Dr. Anupriya Amitkumar Gawade is a recognition of her outstanding commitment to child protection and rights advocacy. Her contributions have not only earned her honorary doctorates from esteemed international organizations, including the United Nations Geneva and UNESCO but have also been acknowledged by the Mahatma Gandhi Peace Foundation in Florida, USA.

Anupriya's story has resonated globally, inspiring individuals of all ages with her remarkable achievements. As an all-rounder with a brilliant mind, she serves as a role model, showcasing the power of determination and hard work in achieving one's dreams. In addition to her ambassadorial role, Prof. Dr. Anupriya Amitkumar Gawade has spearheaded awareness programs on the Constitution of India, emphasizing environmental protection through initiatives such as donating plants and the "Save Baby" campaign. Her commendable efforts have resulted in the collection of 50+ medals and 50+ awards on national and international levels, further solidifying her position as a trailblazer in education and social advocacy.

The Ybarra Scholars and Fellows Society extend their heartfelt congratulations to Prof. Dr. Anupriya Amitkumar Gawade on this well-deserved honor. Her ambassadorial role is set to make a significant impact on fostering education, child protection, and rights advocacy in India and beyond.


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