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The Magic of Books: Rediscovering the Joy of Reading - Deepa Kalia

On this International Day of Books, I took a quiet moment to dive into a couple of the bestsellers I had collected during my travels. It’s a simple pleasure—flipping through pages filled with stories that have captured the imagination of so many. These books, authored by some of today’s best writers, have a unique way of transporting me to different places and times.

Traveling has always been an opportunity for me to find new books. When I'm at the airport, I usually browse through the bookshops, keeping an eye out for titles by Indian authors and making sure they're affordable. I flip through a few pages to get a sense of the writing style, but what really draws me in are old-fashioned children’s books or comics featuring cartoon characters. Despite these interests, it's rare to find such books in domestic airports—so when I do, it's like a small victory.

Visiting high-end bookstores in malls used to be another one of my favorite pastimes. The glossy covers, the fancy decor, and the stacks of expensive books by unknown authors always intrigued me. I would spend hours there, often buying a few books as gifts for friends' birthdays or their children's parties. But over time, I realized that these extravagant gifts came with a sense of uncertainty about their actual impact. Despite my good intentions, I wasn’t always sure if they would be valued or last long.

In contrast, I've always found comfort in my regular reads, like Reader's Digest or simple comic books. These familiar stories and characters had a way of bringing me back to my childhood. At some point, I realized that I could create my own stories, inspired by the world around me. During long train rides with my children, I'd make up adventure stories about forests, rivers, animals, and more. These were special times, especially during our summer vacations when we traveled from the southernmost part of India to the north, where our hometown was. The journey was filled with unique experiences and new acquaintances, from sharing snacks to trading stories with other families.

Meet Deepa Kalia

Deepa Kalia is a seasoned professional with over 40 years of experience spanning corporate marketing, sales management, and education. She has made significant contributions as a teacher trainer, consultant, and advisor in early childhood education. Deepa’s career is defined by her passion for nurturing young minds and fostering a love of learning. As someone who has worked with both traditional and online teaching methods, she has played a pivotal role in setting up foundation schools and training centers for early childhood educators. Her commitment to education and storytelling has had a lasting impact on countless lives, proving that the joy of stories and books is a timeless treasure. you can connect with her for suitable assignments on +91 99586 21015


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